In 1906 the Telegraphistenauszeichnung was introduced to distinguish fully trained telegraphists. This qualification cockade could be worn by soldiers of the Telegraphen Regiment and the members of the telegraph sections of infantry and cavalry units of the k.u.k. army and the k.k. Landwehr. Members of the Hungarian Honvéd received this brass badge with an Hungarian Crown. To qualify for this cockade one had to pass successfully through the Telegraphenschule. The infantry and cavalry units did arms specific training because of the different operational requirements. In all three cases the soldier had to prove that he was able to handle the introduced technical equipment including the field telephone and that he was able to apply the particular army regulations for signals communication including the international signal alphabet of Samuel Morse. For members of the signal corps this qualification cockade was usually their first and only badge to be attained. For members of the infantry or cavalry units the qualification badges of their own branches had priority and consequently under normal circumstances one or two other qualification badges could be earned before they received this particular qualification badge.

The Hungarian Variant

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