Scharfschützenauszeichnung für die Kavallerie

Higher Grade Award

Similar to the marksmanship lanyard of the infantry the qualification for the marksmanship cockade of the cavalry became progressively easier to achieve over the years, especially after the introduction of the Steyr-Mannlicher rifle in 1895 and similar to the infantry a higher grade was introduced. The qualifications were the same as for the infantry and therefore the cavalryman had to place more than 60% of the rounds on the target. However the total number of rounds fired during the annual re-qualification was lower in the cavalry. The badge was an oval gold plated brass cockade introduced in 1907 for the k.u.k. cavalry and in 1910 for the particular units of both Landwehrs - the k.k. Landwehr cavalry and the k.u. Honvéd cavalry. As with nearly all other qualification badges the further awarding of this cockade ceased in 1914 when the war started.

With regards to the regulations this particular cockade was to have remained unpainted for all branches but there are some - obviously privately made pieces known with a black painted centre and highly polished gold plated weapons and rim.

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