In 1906 a further Qualification Badge was introduced, called the Krankenpflegerauszeichnung, to distinguish the skilled work of medical personnel. The soldier had to be a fully qualified nurse and had to perform his work satisfactorily for a minimum of 6 months with seriously ill patients, especially with those suffering from infectious diseases. The nominations for the award were made by the commanders of the military hospitals to the Sanitätschefs of the Militär-Territorialkommandos. This cockade could be worn by the qualified medical personnel of all branches and units, including the k.u.k. Army, the k.k. Landwehr and the k.u. Honvéd. In 1915 it was also introduced for the personnel of the k.u.k. navy. With regards to the other qualification cockades this was the only badge made from three different pieces, the clip, the basic cockade of brass and the centre shield, an enameled iron sheet bearing a red cross on white field.








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