Hauptmann Anton Ritter von Brudermann

The eldest of the three Brudermann brothers, Anton born on the 21st of December 1847 in Öskü (Hungary) commenced his education at the Cadett-Institut at Hainburg and in 1863 entered the Theresian Militär Akademie at Wiener Neustadt. On graduation from the academy in 1866 he was commissioned as a Leutnant in ulan regiment number 11 and almost immediately saw action during the Austrio-Prussian war. After completing the course at the Kriegsschule he was promoted to Oberleutnant (1st May 1871) and attached to the Generalstab where he was promoted to Rittmeister on 1st May 1873. On 1st May 1876 he was definitively transferred to the general staff in the rank of Hauptmann 1.Klasse des Generalstabes (captain 1st class of the General staff). On the 1st May 1881 after various duty assignments in the general staff at finally with the Mappierungsabteilung (topographical/ordnance survey), he was transferred to ulan regiment number 1. While seeing duty with this regiment in Tarnów Anton Ritter von Brudermann suddenly died after a short but severe illness on the 23rd of December 1881 in the age of only 34. Both of Anton's brothers (Rudolf and Adolf) rose to the rank of General der Kavallerie.

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