Koloman Miticzky de Nemes-Miticz et Csötörtök

Coloman von Miticzky was born on the 10th of April 1850 at Rako in the Comitat of Turocza. On the 9th of October 1866 he entered military service in the cavalry cadet school but it appears that his graduation results were so poor that he was not deemed qualified for a commission and consequently he became a junior NCO in hussar regiment number 5 in 1869. However on the 1st of November 1874 his status was upgraded from that of an NCO to that of a cadet in the regiment followed by his promotion from Kadett-Offiziersstellvertreter to Leutnant and transfer to hussar regiment number 8 on the 1st of May 1875. In the same regiment he received his promotion to Oberleutnant on the 1st of May 1880. There is very little available regarding his service prior to 1880, his name was often misspelled as "Miliczky" or "Militzky" in several sources and in later military files it was reported that he had taken part in the campaigns of 1869/70 and 1878 but neither hussar regiment number 5 nor hussar regiment number 8 were engaged in any of these campaigns so it follows that he must have been attached to a superior command or was there by accident and participated whilst attached to another unit as often occurs in "civil-war" situations. Over the years he succeeded in improving his rather poor seniority situation which had resulted from his earlier lack of academic success. His original seniority amongst his peer group as a Lieutenant was 69 but this improved to 19 as an Oberleutnant and to 4 on his promotion to Rittmeister 2nd class on the 1st of November 1888. After the unusually short period of only 2 and a half year he was promoted to Rittmeister 1st class with rank number 2 on the 1st of May 1891.

On the 27th of September 1894 Koloman von Miticzky was transferred as a Garde to the Ungarische Leibgarde, performing his first duty with the Hungarian guard on the 8th of October of the same year. At the end of 1895 he joined the so called Marianer, the volunteer corps of the Deutschen Ritterorden and after signing their contract was allowed to wear the Marianer-Kreuz of the Teutonic Order. In February 1900 he married Irene Maria Ida, the sister of a younger comrade of the guards, Oskar Ritter von Soest. They had a daughter, Maria Blanca Antonie Gisella, born in Vienna on the 25th of November 1903 who later became the second wife of the widower Hofrat Joseph Count Radetzky von Radetz in October 1938. The duty with the guards offered possibilities to earn awards from foreign countries and Koloman von Miticzky was honored with the award of the knight's cross of the Belgian Order of Leopold (1903), the 4th class of the Persian Order of the Sun and the Lion (1905) and the knight's cross 1st class of the Military Merit Order of Spain (1906). After receiving the title of Garde-Vize-Wachtmeister in 1905 he was promoted to Major on the 1st of November 1906 with the seniority number 1.

On the 11th of October 1907 Major und Garde-Vize-Wachtmeister Koloman Miticzky de Nemes-Miticz et Csötörtök retried with effect from the 1st of November 1907 and additionally received for his over 40 years of faithful service the commendation of his Kaiser which allowed him to wear the bronze Military Merit Medal (Signum Laudis) on a red ribbon. With his young wife and daughter he resided at his home in Vienna's 3rd district until his early death on the 29th of August 1909.

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