Order of battle of the Austrian Bundesheer - April 1937

General der Infanterie Wilhelm Zehner. Photo courtesy of Christian FrechThe last fully fledged Army List of the Austrian Army known as the "Schematismus für das Österreichische Bundesheer und die Bundesheeresverwaltung" was published in April 1937. A 1938 edition was never published due to the Annexation of Austria by Germany the following April although a seniority list or Rangliste was prepared. Like its predecessors in the Austro-Hungarian Army the Schematismus lists the full order of battle of the then extant units and gives a complete roster by seniority and also in service position of every serving Officer and career Senior NCO. The following article will show the principal higher formations, Regiments and independent Battalions and their Commanding Officers. Also shown will be the Principal Staff officers including the Chiefs of Staff of Divisions and Independent Brigades. The Austrian Bundesheer at this time consisted of some seven Infantry and one Motorized Division plus one further independent Brigade. The then Federal Chancellor, Kurt Schuschnigg simultaneously held the appointment of Minister for Defence and the day to day running of the Army was in the capable hands of the State Secretary for Defence; General der Infanterie Wilhelm Zehner (shown to the left). The Inspector General of Troops was General der Infanterie Sigismund Schilawsky.








Higher Formations:


1.Division (Vienna)  
Divisional Commandant GM. Heinrich Stümpfl
Infantry Brigadier Obst. Karl Kotik
Chief of Staff Obst. Robert Meissner
Subordinate Units: IR.1, 2, 13, FJgB.2, LAR.1, PiB.1, TelB.1, DKFAbt.1
2.Division (Vienna)  
Divisional Commandant GM. Theodor Haselmayer
Infantry Brigadier Obst. Karl Bornemann
Artillery Brigadier Obst. Johann Janusz
Chief of Staff Obst. Wilhelm Neugebauer
Subordinate Units: GardeB., IR.3, 4, 15,  LAR.2, SAR, PiB.2, TelB.2, DKFAbt.2
3.Division (St. Pölten)  
Divisional Commandant GM. Valentin Feurstein
Infantry Brigadier Obst. Wilfried Hornberg
Chief of Staff Obst. Dr. Ernst Klepp
Subordinate Units: IR.5, 6,  LAR.3, PiB.3, BkB., TelB.3,  DKFAbt.3
4.Division (Linz)  
Divisional Commandant GM. Anton Kienbauer
Infantry Brigadier Obst. Richard Schaffer
Chief of Staff Obst. Karl Wöhrle
Subordinate Units: AJgR.8, IR.14,  LAR.4, PiB.4, TelB.4 DKFAbt.4
5.Division (Graz)  
Divisional Commandant GM. Rudolf Schaffarz
Infantry Brigadier GM. Franz Zaiser
Chief of Staff Obst. Erich Oliva
Subordinate Units: AJgR.9, 10, IR.11, LAR.5, PiB.5, TelB.5,  DKFAbt.5
6.Division (Innsbruck)  
Divisional Commandant FMLt. Eugen Beyer
Infantry Brigadier Obst. Kurt Zboržil
Chief of Staff Obst. Karl Eglseer
Subordinate Units: TJgR., TLSchR., AJgB.4, LAR.6, TelB.6,  DKFAbt.6
7.Division (Klagenfurt)  
Divisional Commandant GM. Eduard Barger
Infantry Brigadier Obst. Franz Freudenseher
Chief of Staff Obst. Dr. Walter Hinghofer
Subordinate Units: IR.7, AJgB.1, 3 & 5, LAR.7, PiB.7, TelB.7,  DKFAbt.7
8.Brigade (Salzburg)  
Brigade Commandant GM. Adalbert Szente
Subordinate Units: IR.12, LAR.8, PiB.8
Schnelle (Fast) Division (Vienna)  
Divisional Commandant GM. Dr. Alfred Hubicki
Motorized Rifles Brigadier Obst. Ludwig Riebesam
Cavalry Brigadier GM. Adalbert Schmidt
Chief of Staff Obst. Karl Brantner
Subordinate Units; KFJgB.1, 2, 3, 4, LAR.9, DragR.1 & 2, PzWgB., FFPiKp., KFTelB.
Air Force Headquarters (Vienna)  
Commandant GM. Alexander Löhr
Inspector of Flying Troops Obst. Julius Yllam
Chief of Staff Obst. Otto Schöbel
Subordinate Units: FlR.1 & 2, LuzTrp.


Gardebataillon (Vienna) Obstlt. Karl Masera 2.Division
Niederösterreichisches Infanterieregiment Kaiser Franz Joseph I. Nr.1 Obstlt. Rudolf Neumann 1.Division
Wiener Infanterieregiment Alt-Starhemberg Nr.2 Obstlt. Karl Danner 1.Division
Wiener Infanterieregiment Erzherzog Carl Nr.3 Obst. René Eberle 2.Division
Wiener Infanterieregiment Hoch- und Deutschmeister Nr.4 Obst. Ferdinand Richter 2.Division
Niederösterreichisches Infanterieregiment GdI. Carl Vaugoin Nr.5 Obstlt. Richard Tunkel 3.Division
Niederösterreichisches Infanterieregiment Nr.6 Obstlt. Johann Scheid 3.Division
Kärntner Infanterieregiment Nr.7 Obst. Karl Meilling 7.Division
Oberösterreichisches Alpenjägerregiment Kaiserin Maria Theresia Nr.8 Obst. Eugen Walland 4.Division
Steirisches Alpenjägerregiment Feldmarschall Daun Nr.9 Obstlt. Maximilian Capesius 5.Division
Steirisches Alpenjägerregiment Feldmarschall Conrad von Hötzendorf Nr.10 Obstlt. Ferdinand Celar 5.Division
Steirisches Infanterieregiment Feldmarschall Loudon Nr.11 Obstlt. Anton Dohndorf 5.Division 
Salzburger Infanterierregiment Nr.12 Obstlt. Ferdinand Strasser 8.Brigade
Burgenländisch-Niederösterreichisches Infanterierregiment Carl Herzog von Lothringen Nr.13 Obst. Adolf Plammer 1.Division
Oberösterreichisches Infanterieregiment Nr.14 Obst. Erwin Hingler 4.Division
Wiener Infanterierregiment Babenberg Nr.15 Obst. Franz Schmidt 2.Division
Tiroler Jägerregiment Obst. Karl Fridrich 6.Division
Tiroler Landesschützenregiment Dollfuß Obstlt. Wilhelm Weiß 6.Division
Burgenländisches Feldjägerbataillon Nr.2 Obst Arpád Kattauer 1.Division
Kärntner Alpenjägerbataillon Nr.1 Major Gustav Sonnewend 7.Division
Osttiroler Alpenjägerbataillon Andreas Hofer Nr.3 Obstlt. Adalbert Mikulicz 7.Division
Voralberger Alpenjägerbataillon Nr.4 Obst. Karl Kurz 6.Division
Kärntner Alpenjägerbataillon Nr.5 Obst. Ernst Geržabek 7.Division
Burgenländisches Kraftfahrjägerbataillon Nr.1 Obstlt. Oskar Rubritius Schnelle 
Wiener Kraftfahrjägerbataillon Feldmarschall Radetzky Nr.2 Obstlt. Oskar Fuchs Schnelle
Niederösterreichisches Kraftfahrjägerbataillon Kopal Nr.3 Obstlt. Roman Quandest Schnelle
Wiener Kraftfahrjägerbataillon Nr.4 Obstlt. Eduard Reissig Schnelle


Niederösterreichisches Leichtes Artillerieregiment Nr.1 Obstlt. Rudolf Guczky 1.Division
Wiener Leichtes Artillerieregiment Nr.2 Obst. Alexander Zäpffel 2.Division
Niederösterreichisches Leichtes Artillerieregiment Nr.3 Obst. Heinrich Widmann 3.Division
Oberösterreichisches Leichtes Artillerieregiment Nr.4 Obst. Hugo Enderl 4..Division
Steirisches Leichtes Artillerieregiment von der Groeben Nr.5 Obst. Rudolf Jungwirth 5..Division
Tiroler und Voralberger Leichtes Artillerieregiment Nr.6 Obst. Albert Reichel 6.Division
Kärntner und Osttiroler Leichtes Artillerieregiment Nr.7 Obst. Alexander Kaufmann 7.Division
Salzburger Leichtes Artillerieregiment Nr.8 Obstlt. Carl Pullmann 8.Brigade
Wiener Leichtes Artillerieregiment Nr.9 Obst. Gustav Wayer Schnelle
Selbständiges Artillerieregiment Kaiser Maximilian I. Obst. Adalbert Risser 2.Division


Dragonerregiment Eugen Prinz von Savoyen Nr.1 Obst. Gottfried Barton Schnelle
Dragonerregiment Feldmarschall Montecuccoli Nr.2 Obstlt. Otto Estlinger Schnelle

Armoured Troops:

Panzerwagenbataillon Obstlt. Rudolf Theiss Schnelle

Air Force:

Fliegerregiment Nr.1 Major Josef Brunner  
Fliegerregiment Nr.2 Obstlt. Viktor Seebauer  


Wiener Pionierbataillon Nr.1 Obstlt. Karl Widmann 1.Division
Wiener Pionierbataillon Nr.2 Obst. Ing. Hermann Janowski 2.Division
Niederösterreichisches Pionierbataillon Nr.3 Obstlt. Josef Porta 3.Division
Oberösterreichisches Pionierbataillon Nr.4 Obst. Richard Baumgartner 4.Division
Steirisches Pionierbataillon Hermann von Hermannsdorf Nr.5 Obst. Adolf Steinböck 5.Division
Kärntner und Osttiroler Pionierbataillon Nr.7 Obstlt. Franz Zedniček 7.Division
Salzburger Pionierbataillon Nr.8 Obst. Hugo Lippmann 8.Brigade
Kraftfahrpionierkompanie Major Otto Bernau Schnelle
Brückenbataillon Vizeadmiral Tegetthoff Obst. Hugo Fischl 3.Division
Heerespionierabteilung Obst. Rudolf Blaschek  

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