Austro-Hungarian Army Photograph Gallery

The pictures on the following pages are an attempt to show the diversity of many of  the types of the Austro-Hungarian military establishment in the period just prior to and during the First World War. The photographs in the main are from private collections and I would request that they are not uploaded onto other sites or reproduced for other than personal use without specific permission. I am particularly indebted to Jörg C. Steiner of Vienna and Christian Frech of Steyr for providing many of these excellent images. Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge an image.

FML. Erherzog Eugen GM. Béla Sorsich von Severin GM. Edmund von Hauser
Unidentified GM. and General Staff Major Generalstabsarzt Dr. Gottlieb Güttl Generalintendant Karl Bilek
GM. Emil Ritter von Brasseur Oberst Artur Dannecker Oberst Karl Schudawa
Oberst Franz Freiherr von Ulm Oberst Tivador Stupka Oberst Alexander Brosch Edler von Aarenau
Oberst Anton Lehar Oberstleutnant-Auditor Gustav Casati Feldsuperior Ladislaus Grúsz

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