List of Full Generals promoted between 1859-1899

The following list provides an overview of all generals who were promoted to Feldzeugmeister (FZM) or General der Kavallerie (GdK) by Kaiser Franz Joseph I. between the 1st of January 1859 and the 31st of December 1889. Those who were given honorary or brevet promotions to this rank were further identified in the army lists of the day with the addition of "mit Titel und Charakter", shown as (T&C) after the date of promotion in the following table. If more than one general received the rank on the same day they were further distinguished by a date of seniority which is shown in the following list by a separate date in brackets. (The rank of General der Infanterie was only introduced in late 1908 and prior to that infantry generals had used the title of Feldzeugmeister.




Abele Vincenz Freiherr von 14th August 1882 (T&C)  
Ajroldi Paul Freiherr von 5th November 1864 (T&C)  
Alemann Wilhelm Freiherr von 22nd November 1864  
Andrássy de Csik-Szent-Király et Kraszna-Horka Julius Graf   1st January 1889 (21st December 1888)
Appel Johann Freiherr von   1st May 1882 (27th April)
Auersperg Gottfried Graf 11th September 1879 (T&C)  
Baltin Carl Freiherr von 16th September 1873  
Bauer Ferdinand 1st November 1881 (1st November)  
Beck Friedrich Freiherr von 1st January 1889 (23rd December 1888)  
Benedek Ludwig Ritter von 27th November 1859 (T&C)  
Bigot de Saint-Quentin Carl Graf   22nd April 1868 (T&C)
Boxberg Karl Freiherr von   23rd September 1884 (T&C)
Braida Moriz Graf 22nd July 1868 (T&C)  
Brandstein Friedrich Hermann von 17th February 1876 (T&C)  
Bylandt-Rheidt Arthur Graf 24th April 1882  
Catty Adolf Freiherr von 1st November 1884 (28th October)  
Clam-Gallas Eduard Graf   14th May 1861
Coronini-Cronberg Johann Graf von 19th July 1860 (T&C)  
Csorich Anton Freiherr von 23rd September 1859 (T&C)  
Culoz Carl Freiherr von 16th April 1860 (T&C)  
Dahlen von Orlaburg Hermann 1st May 1882 (25th April)  
Degenfeld-Schonburg August Graf 10th November 1860  
Degenfeld-Schonburg Christoph Graf von   1st May 1887 (27th April)
Docteur Prosper 7th October 1874 (T&C)  
Döpfner Josef Freiherr von 25th April 1885 (T&C)  
Dormus von Kilianshausen Josef Freiherr 11th March 1879 (T&C)  
Drechsler Karl Freiherr von 16th October 1880 (T&C)  
Dreihann von Sulzberg am Steinhof Ignaz Freiherr 1st March 1864 (T&C)  
Edelsheim-Gyulai Leopold Freiherr von   29th January 1874
Erzherzog Carl Ferdinand   7th November 1860 (T&C)
Erzherzog Carl Ludwig   28th October 1884
Erzherzog Ernst   4th January 1867
Erzherzog Josef   19th October 1874
Erzherzog Leopold   4th January 1867
Erzherzog Rainer 19th October 1874  
Erzherzog Wilhelm 4th January 1867  
Festetics de Tolna Tassilo Graf   20th April 1879 (T&C)
Folliot de Crenneville Franz Graf 6th January 1867 (T&C)  
Folliot de Crenneville Ludwig Graf   23rd July 1867 (T&C)
Franck Carl Ritter von 6th September 1866 (T&C)  
Fratricsevics Ignaz von   1st November 1881 (26th October)
Fröhlich von Elmbach und Groara Ludwig Ritter 24th July 1887 (T&C)  
Gablenz Ludwig Freiherr von   24rd April 1868 (T&C)
Giesl von Gieslingen Heinrich Freiherr 28th April 1889 (T&C)  
Graef von Libloy Eduard Ritter   1st November 1881 (29th October)
Grünne Carl Graf   22nd November 1864 (T&C)
Grünne Philipp Graf 1st November 1889 (28th October)  
Haller von Hallerkeö Franz Graf   27th November 1859 (T&C)
Handel Heinrich Freiherr von 5th January 1867  
Hartung Ernst 25th April 1868 (T&C)  
Hauslab Franz Ritter von 14th February 1861 (T&C)  
Hauslab Franz Ritter von 29th December 1865  
Hessen und bei Rhein Alexander Prinz zu   11th November 1868 (T&C)
Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst Constantin Prinz zu   1st May 1884 (26th April)
Huyn Johann Carl Graf 28th November 1871  
Jablonski del Monte Berico Josef Freiherr 28th April 1872  
Jacobs von Kantstein Friedrich Freiherr 7th December 1871 (T&C)  
John Franz Freiherr von 26th April 1873  
Kees Georg Ritter von 1st May 1884 (25th April)  
Kellner von Köllenstein Friedrich Freiherr 17th August 1875 (T&C)  
Kempen von Fichtenstamm Johann Freiherr 8th September 1859 (T&C)  
Knebel von Treuenschwert Albert Freiherr 22nd September 1883 (T&C)  
Koblitz von Willmburg Johann Ritter 18th July 1889 (T&C)  
Koller Alexander Freiherr von   27th April 1873
König Gustav Freiherr von 1st November 1888 (25th October)  
Kuhn Franz Freiherr von 22rd April 1873  
Kussevic von Szamobor Emil Freiherr 5th January 1867 (T&C)  
Langenau Ferdinand Freiherr von   16th May 1870 (T&C)
Lebzeltern Wilhelm Freiherr von 29th March 1865 (T&C)  
Lederer August Freiherr von   19th October 1873 (T&C)
Lenk von Wolfsberg Wilhelm Freiherr 26th March 1877 (T&C)  
Lichnowsky Wilhelm Graf 2nd March 1859 (T&C)  
Liechtenstein Franz Fürst   29th November 1859 (T&C)
Liechtenstein Friedrich Fürst   15th May 1861
Litzelhofen Eduard Freiherr von 1st November 1881 (30th October)  
Mamula Lazarus Freiherr von 2nd October 1865 (T&C)  
Martini Anton Ritter von 23rd July 1859 (T&C)  
Maroičić di Madonna del Monte Josef Freiherr 23rd April 1868 (T&C)  
Mensdorff-Pouilly Alexander Graf   5th May 1868 (T&C)
Mertens Carl Freiherr von 19th February 1864  
Mollinary von Monte Pastello Anton Freiherr 24th April 1873  
Mondel Friedrich Freiherr von 1st November 1881 (28th October)  
Montenuovo Wilhelm Fürst   5th January 1867
Nagy von Alsó-Szopor Ladislaus Freiherr 8th October 1865 (T&C)  
Neipperg Erwin Graf   17th May 1870 (T&C)
Nobili Johann Graf 18th November 1861 (T&C)  
Ottinger Franz Freiherr von   23rd November 1866 (T&C)
Packenj von Kielstädten Friedrich Freiherr 1st November 1876 (26th October)  
Pejacserich von Veröcze Nikolaus Graf   1st May 1883 (26th April)
Pergler von Perglas Carl Freiherr   2nd September 1859 (T&C)
Philippovic von Philippsberg Franz Freiherr 14th June 1874  
Philippovic von Philippsberg Josef Freiherr 28th January 1874  
Piret de Bihain Eugen Freiherr   1st November 1878 (1st November)
Pokorny von Fürstenschild Alois Freiherr 22nd March 1871 (T&C)  
Prokesch von Osten Anton Freiherr 26th October 1863  
Pürcker von Pürkhain Vincenz Freiherr 8th May 1881  
Ramberg Hermann Freiherr von   1st November  1881 (31st October)
Ramming von Riedkirchen Wilhelm Freiherr 22nd April 1868 (T&C)  
Reinländer Wilhelm Freiherr von 1st November 1889 (26th October)  
Reischach Sigmund Freiherr von 28th February 1873 (T&C)  
Ringelsheim Josef Freiherr von 1st November 1878 (2nd November)  
Rodakowski Josef Ritter von   10th July 1889 (T&C)
Rodich Gabriel Freiherr von 25th April 1873  
Rosenzweig von Drauwehr Ferdinand Freiherr 14th April 1879 (T&C)  
Roßbach Heinrich Freiherr von 23rd April 1859 (T&C)  
Roßbach Rudolf Freiherr von 23rd April 1873  
Salis-Soglio Daniel Freiherr von 1st May 1889 (27th April)  
Sallaba Johann Freiherr von 31st December 1867 (T&C)  
Schleswig-Holstein-Glücksburg Wilhelm Prinz zu   20th April 1879 (T&C)
Schlitter von Niedernberg Carl Freiherr 2nd November 1867 (T&C)  
Schloissnigg Theodor Freiherr von   1st May 1887 (26th April)
Schmerling Josef Ritter von 20th March 1868 (T&C)  
Schönberger Adolf Freiherr von   23rd August 1868 (T&C)
Schönfeld Anron Freiherr von 1st November 1886 (24th October)  
Schwarzenberg Edmund Fürst   28th November 1859 (T&C)
Scudier Anton Freiherr von 19th October 1878 (T&C)  
Sokcevic Josef Freiherr von 4th January 1867 (T&C)  
Stadion zu Thanhausen und Warthausen Philipp Graf   2nd December 1863 (T&C)
Steininger Carl Freiherr von 12th November 1866 (T&C)  
Sternberg Leopold Graf   19th July 1872 (T&C)
Szápáry Ladislaus Graf   24th April 1882 (T&C)
Sztankovics Ludwig Freiherr von 4th October 1866 (T&C)  
Teuchert Friedrich Freiherr von 2nd July 1865 (T&C)  
Teuchert-Kauffmann Edler von Traunsteinburg Friedrich Freiherr 1st January 1889 (22nd December 1888)  
Thun-Hohenstein Carl Graf 7th January 1867 (T&C)  
Thun-Hohenstein Franz Graf 1st November 1881 (27th October)  
Thurn und Taxis Emerich Prinz von   1st November 1876 (25th October)
Tiller von Turnfort Karl Freiherr 12th March 1884 (T&C)  
Vecsey de Vecse et Böröllyö-Iságfa Josef Freiherr 19th July 1888 (T&C)  
Vlasits Franz Freiherr von 1st May 1883 (27th April)  
Waldstätten Johann Freiherr von 1st November 1889 (27th October)  
Wallmoden-Gimborn Carl Graf   23rd April 1859
Weber Josef Freiherr von 1st November 1876 (24th October)  
Westphalen Wilhelm Graf   12th February 1878 (T&C)
Windisch-Graetz Ludwig Prinz zu   1st May 1888 (25th April)
Ziemiecki von Ziemiecin Hieronymus Freiherr 6th March 1878 (T&C)  

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