Habsburg Archdukes in Military Service

It was normal practice for all male members of the House of Habsburg to serve in the armed forces of the Dual Monarchy. On this page can be found the biographies of several members of this house who performed military service as commissioned officers during the period 1848-1918. The Royal Princes of the House of Habsburg were styled Erzherzog or Archduke.

Erzherzog Albrecht 1817-1895
Erzherzog Eugen 1863-1954
Erzherzog Ferdinand Karl 1868-1915
Erzherzog Friedrich 1856-1936
Erzherzog Heinrich 1828-1891
Erzherzog Joseph 1872-1962
Erzherzog Joseph Ferdinand 1872-1942
Erzherzog Josef Franz 1895-1957
Erzherzog Karl Albrecht 1888-1951
Erzherzog Sigismund 1826-1891
Erzherzog Stephan Viktor 1817-1867

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