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The following titles by Jörg C. Steiner provide an invaluable resource of information regarding the dress, insignia and other miscellaneous aspects of the forces of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy during the latter part of the 19th and the early part of the 20th Century. All profusely illustrated with high quality period photographs and line drawings taking from official regulations, they provide a unique source of hard to find information on this most fascinating of periods. The following titles are still available directly from the author who can be contacted by email. Postage and packing is charged at actual cost. A full list of my published works can be found at this page.

Schematismus der Generale und Obersten der k.u.k. Armee - Stand 31. Dezember 1918

Rank list of the General Officers and Colonels of the Imperial and Royal Army as at 31st December 1918 by Jörg C. Steiner. 258 pages listing all the serving Generals and the Colonels of the Common Army, Austrian Landwehr, Hungarian Landwehr (Honvéd) and Austrian Gendarmerie. Additionally a list of Generals and Colonels killed in action during the war is appended. Soft cover, German text.

€ 33 plus P&P
Das Eiserne Verdienstkreuz

The Iron Merit Cross by Jörg C. Steiner. 50 pages, illustrated with black and white photographs and reproductions of award documents. Details the introduction and awards of the Iron Merit Cross and includes a list of the first awardees in 1916. Soft cover, German text.

€ 11 plus P&P
Uniformen und Blankwaffen der Staatsbeamten und der Bundesbeamten 1848 bis 1938

Uniforms and Edged Weapons of the State and Federal Officials 1848 to 1938 by Jörg C. Steiner. 274 pages, illustrated with black and white photographs and line drawings. Details all the major branches of the Monarchy's administrative organisations: Ministry of the Interior, Finance Ministry, Trade Ministry, Railways, Justice, Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Agriculture. Soft cover, German text.

€ 25 plus P&P
Die Militär-Dienstzeichen 1849 bis 1989

The Military Service Insignia 1849 to 1989 by Jörg C. Steiner. 130 pages, illustrated with black and white photographs, line drawings and reproduced award documents. Details the long service and other distinguished service awards of the A-H Monarchy and the Bundesheer of the 1st and 2nd Austrian Republics. Soft cover, German text.

Out of Print
Die Auszeichnungen der Stadt Wien

The Decorations of the City of Vienna by Jörg C. Steiner. 76 pages illustrated with black and white and colour photographs. Details the mainly civil awards of the City of Vienna including those of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and the First Republic. Soft cover, German text.

Out of Print
Der K.u.K. Hofstaat 1858-1918

The Imperial and Royal Court 1858-1918 by Jörg C. Steiner. 120 pages of extremely high quality photographs depicting the Imperial and Royal Court throughout the reign of Kaiser Franz Joseph and then Kaiser Karl. Photographs of the leading members of the Habsburg dynasty plus court officials, adjutants etc. Hardback, German text.

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