The following sites contain interesting information on aspects of both the Imperial German Army and the Imperial and Royal Hungarian Army:

K.u.k. Army/Navy:

Austro-Hungarian Military Mail 1914-1918. Actually a site detailing the organisation of the Austro-Hungarian Forces during the war. Plenty of information derived from contemporary Allied intelligence manuals.

Commanders of Austria-Hungary During WWI. A site devoted to the Commanders of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy by my American namesake from Connecticut - Glenn Stefanovics. Well worth a visit!

Weltkriege. A German language site that lists most of the General officers of the Austro-Hungarian Army during the First World War. Some of the Generals have biographical information plus some nice coloured period portraits.

Johann Iskric  Mitja Iskric's excellent little site detailing the career and actions of his great grandfather, MMThO winner Hauptmann Johann Iskric who won his award during the 11th Battle of the Isonzo. Illustrated with some great photos of Hauptmann Iskric's original awards.

Oberst Silvio Spiess von Braccioforte. Gerd von Spiess's tribute to the fallen colonel and holder of the MMThO. Includes some very good photographs.

Gebirgskrieg in den Dolomiten. German language site which details the fighting in the South Tyrol. Some nice illustrations plus also biographies of FM Böhm-Ermolli and FML von Bardolff on the same site.

Alpine Front. Another German language site with some excellent photographs.

Military Cemeteries in Western Galicia Miroslaw Lopata's site detailing the numerous military cemeteries in Western Galicia. Mostly in Polish but with some German text. Illustrated with some excellent colour photographs.

German Army, Orders and Decorations, WW1 etc:

Imperial German Militaria. Marcin’s interesting site displaying his collection of pictures, documents and other items relating to Imperial German militaria. Some nicely researched examples of military documentation.

A Pocket German Army by Mick O'Shea and Glenn Jewison. Detailing units and organisation of the Imperial German Army, both Pre and during World War I.

Decorations of the States of the German Empire. Dave Danner's excellent site on the awards and decorations of Imperial Germany.

Colonel J's Imperial German Pickelhaube Musings Joe Rookery's very nicely designed site on matters of Imperial German uniforms and headdress.

Prussian Military History Site. Excellent German language site by Lars-Holger Thümmler detailing both the Imperial German and Austrian Armies including organisation, history, uniforms and a German language forum.

The Prussian Machine. Jon Viser's detailed site on the German Imperial Army in the First World War with sections on commanders, uniforms, organisation and the political leadership.

The Kaiser's Bunker. Tony Schnurr's excellent, well researched and illustrated site regarding the uniforms and headdress of the armies of Imperial Germany. 

Lexicon der Deutschen Generale   A detailed listing of all those officers promoted to the rank of General in the Prussian army up to the end of WW1 with first names and year of birth and death. The other German states to follow. Extremely useful!

The Italian Front 1915-1918. Nice site in English detailing the armies and actions of the both the Austro-Hungarian and Italian participants including some interesting articles on the fighting on both the Isonzo and mountain fronts. Other articles on such diverse subjects as avalanches, the American Army involvement, politics and casualties.

La Grande Guerra Italian language site dealing with the war between Austria-Hungary and Italy illustrated with beautiful photographs of some of the major localities fought over on the south western front.

The Aerodrome. Site devoted to the aircraft and aces of the First World War including those of Austria-Hungary. 

Imperial German Orders, Medals and Decorations. Site in both English and German devoted to the study and collecting of Imperial German Decorations. Nice site detailing the leather spiked helmets of the Imperial German Army.

Verein Historische Uniformen e.V. German language site of the society for historical uniforms. Dealing with Imperial German themes.

Stahlgewitter. A very impressive and detailed site in German covering all the major fronts during the First World War.

Yuri Yashnev. Yuri's Orders and Decorations site with plenty of excellent images of the the more important A-H Decorations and Medals. Image captions in English. 

International Electronic Phaleristic Encyclopedia. An English language site with many links to other sites dealing with orders and decorations of the World including the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

Isonzo Front. Slovene language site by Simon Kovačič and Tomaž Ovčak. Some beautiful modern day photographs of the battle area.

C.R.A.S.G.  L'associzione si occupa di richerche archeologiche  nell' area del Monte Sabotino - Gorizia. Super Italian language site concerning the history and archeology of the Isonzo front and in particular the Gorizia sector. Some excellent photographs are presented in a very well designed site. David Gregory's very interesting site which deals with amongst other things German military personal documentation from both World Wars.

World War One Militaria: Online group dealing with general WWI militaria collecting, all combatants: Medals, badges, weapons, helmets, belt buckles, uniforms, field gear, reference books etc.

Museums and Archives:

Heeresgeschichtliches Museum. Site of the magnificent army museum at the Arsenal in Vienna. In English and German.

Hungarian Institute & Museum of Military History. Site of the Hungarian army museum in Budapest. In English

Kriegsarchiv. The Austrian War Archives in Vienna. A detailed site in both German and English explaining the archive's holdings and services.

Kobarid WW1 Museum. Site of the Kobarid based military museum in Slovenia which lays particular emphasis on the fighting in the mountainous northern region of the Isonzo front in WW1. In English and Slovene.

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Heereskunde The web site of the Austrian Society for military studies (in German).

Kaiserjägermuseum Innsbruck. Site of the Kaiserjäger Museum at Bergisel in Innsbruck.

The Western Front Museum. Nice site from Holland detailing as the name suggests primarily Western front themes.

Dolomitenfreunde. The site of the WW1 museum at Kötschach-Mauthen. Nice site plus some interesting books on offer

Flugmuseum Wiener-Neustadt. German language site of the air museum at Wiener-Neustadt.

Österreichisches Luftfahrt-Museum  Site of the Austrian Aviation museum at Graz.

1st The Queens Dragoon Guards Museum. Excellent site of the a famous British cavalry regiment which once had Kaiser Franz Joseph as it's Colonel and still uses the Austrian double headed eagle has it's cap badge.

Dealers and Publishers:

Der Ordenspezialist. The firm of Christian Frech which deals both the the supply of and mounting of orders. See also the wine part of the business!

Bert's Sammlerecke. Bert Brandauer's site for the collectors of primarily Austro-Hungarian Orders. The site has many large full coloured photographs of orders and decorations.

Italian Front Group. Italian based firm selling books, reproduction uniforms and equipment and original militaria. In English and Italian.  The official page for the excellent new book on Austro-Hungarian uniforms of the First World War - "Des Kaisers Rock" by Stefan Rest, Christian M. Ortner and Thomas Ilming. Initially still only in German but with an English update imminent.

Österreichischer Milizverlag  German language site of the publishers of the very interesting Austrian magazine "Pallasch" and various other semi-official military publications.

The Modeller. Austrian producer of very nice detailed figures of Austro-Hungarian military types. Site in English and German plus a German language forum.

Verlagsbuchhandlung Stöhr Gmbh. The site of the excellent bookshop owned by Herr Stöhr on Lerchenfelder Straße in Vienna. In addition to the huge selection of titles available, Herr Stöhr publishes his own range of A-H military titles. 

Waffenbü German language bookseller dealing with arms, munitions, swords, bayonets etc. Also the publisher of the calendar:  "Under Habsburg´s Colours".

PHV Verlag. German language bookseller dealing with Monarchical and historical themes. 

Feder Verlag. German author/dealer concentrating on orders and decorations and particularly those of the former DDR.

Mirko Plavsic Orders, Medals, Decorations & Coins of the World. Mirko's very interesting Numismatics and Phaleristic site for collectors with some very nice images of amongst others - A-H Orders and Decorations.

Sammler-Link Index  German language site with an extensive collection of military and collecting links.

Reenactors  and Regimental Groups:

Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik The site of the excellent and very popular Tyrolean military band dressed in the uniform of the Kaiserjäger.

K.u.k. Infanterie-Regiment Nr.3 German language site of the infantry regiment number 3 association

Deutschmeisterbund. The German language site of the association of the k.u.k. Infanterie-Regiment Nr.4

63rd K.u.K Reenactment Group. An American reenactment groups' site which at present depicts Infanterieregiment Freiherr von Pitreich Nr.63. A very useful overview of IR.63s wartime engagements is included.

Infanterie-Regiment 84 German language site of an Austrian based group recreating Infanterie-Regiment Nr.84 "Freiherr von Bolfras".

Infanterie-Regiment 87 Association Solkan. A site in English and Slovene of the Solkan based group recreating Infanterieregiment Freiherr von Succovaty Nr.87.

K.u.k 97.Infanterie-Regiment. Italian and English language site of the Trieste based 97th infantry regiment.

Kaiserschützenregiment Nr. 1 German language site of the Kaiserschützen Regiment Nr. 1 Association.

Bayerischen 4. Chevauleger - Regiment "König" e.V. The site of the society of the form Bavarian 4th Chevauleger-Regiment.

K.u.K. Dragoner-Regiment Nr. 2  The German language website of the K.u.K. Dragoner-Regiment Graf Paar Nr. 2.

Dragonerregiment Nr. 15.  German language website of the Dragoon Regiment 15 reenactment group.

1.Rheinischen Husarenregiment Nr. 7. The German language site of the association of the Imperial German Hussar Regiment Number 7.

Traditionsverband ehemaliger Schutz- und Überseetruppen. Site of the association of former Imperial German colonial troops.

Gesellschaft der Freunde der Kavallerie. Society of the Friends of the Cavalry. An interesting German language site with some excellent colour photographs of Austro-Hungarian cavalry uniforms. 

Traditionszug FJB 9  The German language site of the association of the Styrian Feldjäger-Bataillon Nr.9. Gives an overview of the recruitment, peacetime organization and actions of FJB.9

Landwehrinfanterieregiment Linz Nr. 2  The German language site of the Landwehr Infantry Regiment Linz Nr. 2 Association. Some very nice colour photographs.

Die Reitende Artilleriedivision Nr. 2.  The German language site of Die Reitende Artilleriedivision Nr. 2. The Tradition battery of the former horse artillery Division Nr. 2 complete with field guns.

Miscellaneous Military and Genealogical Sites:

Ordenskunde. Jörg C. Steiner's site covering the non governmental decorations of many states throughout the World. Jörg is still actively developing the site.

Axis Biographical Research. A huge site that deals with the personalities of the Axis forces during the Second World War. As many of the senior German officers were of Austrian origin, their biographies can be found at this site.

British Army Italy 1917 - 1918. Francis Mackay's site on the British Army's operations  in Northern Italy during 1917 & 1918. Francis is the author of "Asiago, 15/16 June 1918 The Battle in the Woods and Clouds"  and "Touring the Italian Front".

Marcus Wendel's Military History Site. Marcus has produced a huge site covering many diverse areas of military history and particularly useful are his forums and links to yet other military sites.

Fortifications of the Alpe-Adria Area Regions A site dedicated to the fortifications in the Alps including the Isonzo region by Saso Aleksander Jankovic.

Military-Photos-Com. Excellent site with first class photographs of predominantly nineteenth and early twentieth century French military personnel.

Haver's Family Web Page. A genealogical site dealing with Polish and Galician ancestry.

AustriaGen Web. A genealogical site dealing with Austrian family history. Charles Wardell's part of the EastEuropeGen Web genealogy project. Many message boards covering all the various parts of Austria and the former Monarchy.

History Seek! A directory search engine specifically made for historians, genealogists, scholars and history enthusiasts.

World Federation of Hungarian Veterans. The MHBK is the World Federation of Hungarian Veterans, or Magyar Harcosok Bajtársi Közössége.  Its aims are to represent Hungarian veterans, to preserve their history, and to perpetuate their valuable ideals.

Österreichisches Schwarzes Kreuz. The site of the Austrian Black Cross which details the casualties by Land in the Republic of Austria during both World Wars. It also has a search facility for the tracing of personnel killed in action.

Lovett Artillery Collection. Leon and Ralph Lovett's very interesting site on artillery pieces.

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