Officer's Rank list 1866

The following rank list was published at Puebla in late summer 1866 titled "Rangs- und Eintheilungsliste sämmtlicher Herrn Stabs- und Ober-Offiziere und Parteien des kais. mexicanischen Corps österreichischer Freiwilliger". The spelling of some name deviate from the spelling in the official military Schematismus of the k.u.k. Army but it is it is reproduced here as it was published in Mexico and see under "Notes" for spelling corrections . The life guard, called Guardia Palatina, was formed by 4 officers, 3 non-commissioned officers and 26 guards. The guard was part of the court and not the army but the officers and NCOs were selected former members of the Austro-Hungarian Army and consequently the names of these officers are entered in the following list, taken from the "Almanaque de la Corte", published in 1866 at Mexico.

Corps-Stab - (Staffpersonal)

Name Rank since Date Notes
Franz Graf Thun-Hohenstein General (27th June 1864)  
Friedrich Hotze Oberstlieutenant (6th July 1866)  
Ferdinand von Rosenzweig Major (20th July 1864)  
Adjutanten beim Kommando    
Hamilton Freiherr de Fin (Ulan) Rittmeister 1.Classe (1st May 1862)  
Gustav Benda (Jäger) Hauptmann 1.Classe (26th May 1864)  
Richard Kerschel Major-Stabs-Auditor (18th September 1864)  
Viktor von Javorsky Hauptmann-Auditor 1.Classe (2nd November 1863)  
Wolfgang Holy Hauptmann-Auditor 1.Classe (1st December 1863)  
Adolf Urban Hauptmann-Auditor 2.Classe (1st October 1867)  
Adolf Wlasak Hauptmann-Auditor 2.Classe (22nd April 1866)  
Augustin Weber Caplan 1.Classe (1st January 1865)  
Conrad Logonder Caplan 2.Classe (1st November 1864)  
Cajetan Prchal Caplan 2.Classe (1st May 1866)  
Ärzte Michael Kubitza Major-Stabs-Arzt (1st November 1864) Friedrich Braun Hauptmann-Oberarzt 1.Classe (12th November 1864) Carl Hainemann Hauptmann-Oberarzt 1.Classe (2nd January 1865) Julius Sas Ritter von Lucki Hauptmann-Oberarzt 2.Classe (14th November 1864) Alois Miskey Hauptmann-Oberarzt 2.Classe (8th January 1865) Adolf Klein Hauptmann-Oberarzt 2.Classe (14th January 1865) Hermann Schmidt Hauptmann-Oberarzt 2.Classe (16th January 1865) Eduard Hamvay Hauptmann-Oberarzt 2.Classe (26th January 1865) Christian Dietrich Hauptmann-Oberarzt 2.Classe (14th February1865) Karl Nayvár Hauptmann-Oberarzt 2.Classe (1st November 1865) Samuel Basch Hauptmann-Oberarzt 2.Classe (7th December 1865) Julius Ruppert Hauptmann-Oberarzt 2.Classe (27th March 1866) Johann Arseniu Hauptmann-Oberarzt 2.Classe (30th March 1866) Wilhelm Fritsch Oberlieutenant-Arzt (11th January 1866) Stefan Paulay Oberlieutenant-Arzt (1st February 1866) Robert Tietze Oberlieutenant-Arzt (1st February 1866) Rudolf Mautner Oberlieutenant-Arzt (1st February 1866) Hilarius Mitrea Oberlieutenant-Arzt (1st April 1866) Gustav Neusser Oberlieutenant-Arzt (1st May 1866) Franz Geutebrück Oberlieutenant-Arzt (27th June 1866)  
Johann Wollner Apotheker 2.Classe (1st December 1864)  
Dr.chem. Franz Kaska Apotheker 2.Classe (8th January 1865)  
Carl Lerch Apotheker 3.Classe (17th July 1864)  
Carl Neumann Apotheker 3.Classe (18th July 1864)  
Emanuel Lebeda Apotheker 3.Classe (1st January 1865)  
Franz von Ladenhaufen Apotheker 3.Classe (2nd January 1865)  
Franz Neubauer Apotheker 3.Classe (3rd January 1865)  
Carl Weber Apotheker 3.Classe (4th January 1865)  
Josef Breier (15th July 1864)  
Caspar Neuwelt (16th July 1864)  
Carl Gossmann (1st January 1865)  
Franz Bendik (2nd January 1865)  
Stefan Rumler (3rd January 1865)  
Josef Saverthal Direktor  
Franz Heide Capellmeister  
Friedrich Bendl von Hohenstern Hauptmann 1.Classe (31st March 1861)  
Wilhelm Postranecky Hauptmann 1.Classe (4th June 1864)  
Johann Luck Hauptmann 1.Classe (6th June 1864)  
Hugo Dworzák Hauptmann 1.Classe (21st July 1864)  
Georg Moravan Hauptmann 2.Classe (18th October 1865)  
Johann Donner Hauptmann 2.Classe (25th June 1866)  
Johann Judas Hauptmann 2.Classe (26th June 1866)  
Alois Weissmann von Weissenstein Hauptmann 2.Classe (27th June 1866) right: Alois von Weissmann (without predicate)
Joesf Schmeger Oberlieutenant (21st March 1866)  
Julius Handak Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (31st May 1865)  
Carl Hellmuth Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (28th July 1865)  
Anton Spiewak Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (31st October 1865)  
Sigismund Sedelmayer Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (23rd June 1866)  
Eduard Pöschek Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (24th June 1866)  
Gustav Jellinek Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (25th June 1866)  
Anton Kühn Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (26th June 1866)  
Isidor Schoklizh Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (27th June 1866)  
Franz Kurfürst Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (3rd July 1866)  
Militär-Attaché in Wien    
Mathias Leisser Oberst  
Josef Walz Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (18th May 1866)  
Guardia Palatina    
Carl Graf Bombelles Capitan, Sr. Coronel (Oberst)  
Carl Schaffer Teniente, Sr. Teniente Coronel (Oberstlieutenant)  
Rudolf Günner Teniente, Sr. Comandante (Major)  
Augustin Pradillo Subteniente, Sr. Capitan (Hauptmann)  

Jäger - (Light Infantery)

Name Rank since Date Notes
Johann Polàk Oberstlieutenant (3rd July 1866)  
Ferdinand von Rosenzweig Major (20th July 1864)  
Albert Schönovsky von Schönwiese Major (10th February 1865)  
Paul Bernart Major (31st May 1865) right: Bernnart
Adolf Dietrich Major (6th July 1866)  
Johann Schuppanzigh von Frankenbach Hauptmann 1.Classe (1st July 1859)  
Carl Krickl Hauptmann 1.Classe (1st July 1859)  
Carl Findeis Hauptmann 1.Classe (1st August 1859)  
Armin Baron Hamerstein-Ecquord Hauptmann 1.Classe (6th November 1862) right: Freiherr von Hammerstein-Equord
Josef Smittarello Hauptmann 1.Classe (24th May 1864)  
Eduard Schauer von Schröckenfeld Hauptmann 1.Classe (25th May 1864)  
August Hoen Hauptmann 1.Classe (2nd June 1864)  
Kasimir Rieger Hauptmann 1.Classe (3rd June 1864)  
Ferdinand Leicht von Leichtenthurm Hauptmann 1.Classe (5th June 1864)  
Johann Reder Hauptmann 1.Classe (15th July 1864)  
Wilhelm von Hedemann Hauptmann 1.Classe (22nd February 1865)  
Johann Adamovics Hauptmann 1.Classe (29th May 1865)  
Wenzel Miesel Edler von Zeileisen Hauptmann 1.Classe (30th May 1865)  
Gustav Zach Hauptmann 1.Classe (31st May 1865)  
Josef Beskochka Hauptmann 1.Classe (18th June 1865)  
Franz Kastellic Hauptmann 2.Classe (3rd September 1865)  
Johann von West Hauptmann 2.Classe (4th September 1865)  
Josef Osvadic Hauptmann 2.Classe (6th November 1865)  
Theodor Altdorfer Hauptmann 2.Classe (9th November 1865)  
Carl Merizzi Hauptmann 2.Classe (10th November 1865)  
Alexander Czaikovsky Edler von Berynda Hauptmann 2.Classe (11th November 1865)  
Otto Beutel Oberlieutenant (17th July 1864)  
Johann Wittek Oberlieutenant (18th July 1864)  
Carl Gruber Oberlieutenant (19th July 1864)  
Josef Ritter von Bosch Oberlieutenant (3rd August 1864)  
Ludwig Pönezy Oberlieutenant (23rd February 1865)  
Johann Scherzer Oberlieutenant (24th February 1865)  
Sebastian Spaciel Oberlieutenant (28th May 1865)  
Carl Bartovsky Oberlieutenant (18th June 1865)  
Vinzenz Bogyay de Varbogya Oberlieutenant (19th June 1865)  
Moritz Weber Oberlieutenant (20th June 1865)  
Max Kurzbauer Oberlieutenant (31st August 1865)  
Carl Vesque von Püttlingen Oberlieutenant (1st September 1865)  
Reinold Panzl Oberlieutenant (2nd September 1865)  
Hugo Baron Codelli von Fahnenfeld-Sterngreif Oberlieutenant (3rd September 1865)  
Franz von Rambach Oberlieutenant (6th October 1865)  
Constantin Nosinics Oberlieutenant (7th October 1865)  
Raimund Mader Oberlieutenant (8th October 1865)  
Carl Manussi Oberlieutenant (9th October 1865) right: Karl Manussi
Alois Tavecchi Oberlieutenant (10th October 1865)  
Albin Kreutziger Oberlieutenant (30th October 1865)  
Raimund Menzl Oberlieutenant (31st October 1865)  
Victor Petzold Oberlieutenant (2nd November 1865)  
Johann von Czergedy Oberlieutenant (4th November 1865)  
Moritz Manker Oberlieutenant (5th November 1865)  
Leopold Varga Oberlieutenant (12th December 1865)  
Stefan Pekets Oberlieutenant (13th December 1865) right: Stephan Pekéc
Albin Rumpelmayer Oberlieutenant (18th December 1865)  
Franz Lautner Oberlieutenant (19th March 1866)  
Rudolf Egger Oberlieutenant (20th March 1866)  
Maximilian Graf la Roseé Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (12th November 1864)  
Eugen Baron Podmanitzky Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (15th December 1864)  
Carl Dokupil Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (22nd February 1865)  
Alfons Lefévre Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (23rd February 1865)  
Aurelius Piatkofsky Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (3rd April 1865)  
Ludwig Premrou Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (5th April 1865)  
Franz Raczek Unterlientenant 1.Classe (6th April 1865)  
Friedrich See Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (8th April 1865)  
Ernst Cottel Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (27th April 1865)  
Johann Weyringer Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (22nd May 1865)  
Alfred Turneretscher Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (23rd May 1865)  
Alexander von Deak Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (27th May 1865)  
Gottlieb Katalinic Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (6th June 1865)  
Anton Schelling Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (8th June 1865)  
Christof Vidovits Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (18th June 1865)  
Eduard Schmidt Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (31st July 1865)  
Anton von Hartmann Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (1st August 1865)  
Heinrich Desoye Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (25th August 1865)  
Ignatz Luksch Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (26th August 1865)  
Leopold Malik Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (27th August 1865)  
Ottwin Rauscher Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (28th August 1865)  
Artur Langer Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (2nd September 1865)  
Alexander Baron Eggers Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (6th September 1865)  
Heinrich Kassegger Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (14th October 1865)  
Wilhelm Baron Seldenek Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (15th October 1865)  
August Linger Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (17th October 1865)  
Johann Gail Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (18th October 1865)  
Josef Murko Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (29th October 1865)  
Wilhelm Zeleny Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (1st November 1865)  
Rudolf Thomas Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (2nd November 1865)  
Ferdinand Manussy Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (7th November 1865) right: Manussi
Johann Ludwig Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (8th November 1865)  
Ignatz Delintsch Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (10th November 1865)  
Pius von Parfanovics Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (11th November 1865)  
Friedrich Holzer Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (12th December 1865)  
Carl Sutter Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (16th December 1865)  
Eugen Hammer Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (12th March 1865)  
Franz Hrubesch Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (13th March 1865)  
Wilhelm von Montlong Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (16th March 1865)  
Vinzenz Hurdalek Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (17th March 1865)  
Carl Baron Fürstenwärther Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (23rd March 1865) right: Freiherr von F..., Burgsasse zu Odenbach
Emil Neuhauser Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (3rd June 1866)  
Carl Simrak Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (4th June 1866)  
Anton von Thelen Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (5th June 1866)  
Anton Nagy Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (6th June 1866)  
Carl Trescher Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (7th June 1866)  
Josef Griller Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (8th June 1866)  
Anton Leiner Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (9th June 1866)  
Johann Buck Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (10th June 1866)  
Anton Enzinger Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (11th June 1866)  

Cavallerie - (Cavallery)

Name Rank since Date Notes
Alfons von Kodolits Oberst (6th July 1866) right: Alphons von Kodolitsch
Guido Baron Czillich Oberstlieutenant (16th July 1864)  
Edmund Graf Wickenburg Major (29th November 1865)  
Nikolaus Czéke de Szent György Rittmeister 1.Classe (9th June 1862)  
Carl Graf Khevenhiller Rittmeister 1.Classe (7th January 1864) right: Graf Khevenhüller-Metsch
Alexander Baron Babarczy Rittmeister 1.Classe (20th May 1864)  
Emil Nikolics de Kekes Rittmeister 1.Classe (31th May 1864)  
Ferdinand Ritter von Lackhnern Rittmeister 1.Classe (18th July 1864)  
Josef Palkovics Rittmeister 2.Classe (20th July 1864)  
Artur Dolezel Rittmeister 2.Classe (19th June 1865)  
Eugen Latinovits de Borsod Rittmeister 2.Classe (6th September 1865)  
Wilhelm Berger Rittmeister 2.Classe (7th November 1865)  
Eduard Hauska Rittmeister 2.Classe (16th December 1865)  
Carl Wagner von Wetterstädt Rittmeister 2.Classe (25th March 1866)  
Oskar Winiker Rittmeister 2.Classe (27th March 1866)  
Eduard Maschek Oberlieutenant (27th July 1864)  
Mathias Graf Oberlieutenant (1st August 1864)  
Vinzenz Farkas Oberlieutenant (9th April 1865)  
Adolf von Mihailovic Oberlieutenant (31st May 1865)  
Hermann Mocker Oberlieutenant (4th September 1865)  
Johann Heinisch Oberlieutenant (6th September 1865)  
Josef Kovács Oberlieutenant (15th October 1865)  
Julius Thibolth de Koesoba Oberlieutenant (10th November 1865)  
Johann von Czismadia Oberlieutenant (11th November 1865)  
Eugen von Almássy Oberlieutenant (14th December 1865)  
Josef von Mihalovics Oberlieutenant (15th December 1865)  
Heinrich Schneider Oberlieutenant (24th March 1866)  
Artur Graf la Motte Oberlieutenant (25th March 1866)  
Stefan Graf Kuhner Oberlieutenant (27th March 1866)  
Alexander von Kulezár Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (30th May 1865)  
Josef Baron Bretschneider Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (30th August 1865)  
Michael von Kalmucky Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (5th September 1865) right: Michael Ritter von Kalmucki
Carl Kasimir Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (8th September 1865)  
Béla von Variassy Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (16th October 1865)  
Sigmund Graf Zichy Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (9th November 1865)  
Carl Schäfer Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (11th December 1865)  
Carl Hacker Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (20th March 1866)  
Dénes de Moys Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (22nd March 1866)  
Férenz Englische Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (24th March 1866)  
Eduard von Paulovsky Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (25th March 1866) right: Pawlovsky
Ludwig von Horváth Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (12th June 1866)  
Emil Baron Bertrand Oberst (4th July 1866)  
Gustav Boleslavsky Oberstlieutenant (18th April 1864)  
Alfred Klein Major (17th July 1864)  
John William Bythel Rittmeister 1.Classe (1st August 1863)  
Gottfried Baron Tacco Rittmeister 1.Classe (21st May 1864)  
Ernst Graf Fünfkirchen Rittmeister 1.Classe (28th May 1864)  
Friedrich von Schuckmann Rittmeister 1.Classe (30th May 1864)  
Ludwig Graf Sternberg Rittmeister 1.Classe (1st June 1864)  
Felix Witt von Döring Rittmeister 1.Classe (6th June 1864)  
Theobald Graf Geldern Rittmeister 1.Classe (16th July 1864)  
Franz von Langen-Steinkeller Rittmeister 2.Classe (17th June 1865)  
Ferdinand Schramm Rittmeister 2.Classe (20th June 1865)  
Raimund Conte Manzano Rittmeister 2.Classe (2nd September 1865)  
Ernst Malburg Rittmeister 2.Classe (5th September 1865)  
Ferdinand Bräunel Rittmeister 2.Classe (8th November 1865)  
Silvius Smolak Rittmeister 2.Classe (26th March 1866)  
Carl Blasius Oberlieutenant (29th July 1864)  
Friedrich Graf Metternich-Wolff Oberlieutenant (2nd August 1864) right: Reichsgraf Wolff-Metternich zur Gracht
Viktor Vicomte de 'Equevilley Oberlieutenant (10th April 1865)  
Georg Brinkmann Oberlieutenant (5th September 1865)  
Anton Suchodolski Ritter von Janina Oberlieutenant (11th October 1865)  
Carl Sega Oberlieutenant (12th October 1865)  
Friedrich Thurneisen Oberlieutenant (17th October 1865) right: Thurneyssen
Hermann Gebauer Oberlieutenant (18th October 1865)  
Carl Baron Malortie Oberlieutenant (7th November 1865)  
Carl Graf Herberstein Oberlieutenant (16th December 1865)  
Juan Chevalier d'Hopp Oberlieutenant (22nd March 1866)  
Ludwig Thom Oberlieutenant (23rd March 1866)  
Franz Freiherr de Fin Oberlieutenant (26th March 1866)  
Robert Freiherr von Kotz Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (15th June 1865)  
August Genial Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (17th June 1865)  
Ferdinand Graf Lancaster-Stuart Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (19th June 1865)  
Stanislaus Graf Wodzicki Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (20th June 1865)  
Titus Ritter von Jordan Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (3rd September 1865)  
Friedrich Graf Wurmbrand Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (4th September 1865)  
Ludwig von Antoczevski Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (7th September 1865)  
Leopold Graf Meraviglia Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (5th November 1865)  
Alfred von Zavadsky Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (15th December 1865)  
Adolf Baron Nageldinger Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (19th March 1866)  
Ludwig von Lempicki Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (26th March 1866)  
Stefan Gotschlig Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (30th March 1866)  

Artillerie - (Artillery)

Name Rank since Date Notes
Anton Weinhara Oberstlieutenant (5th July 1866)  
Marius Puttnig Hauptmann 1.Classe (17th July 1864)  
Moritz Graf Hauptmann 1.Classe (19th July 1864)  
Wilhelm Hanke Hauptmann 1.Classe (10th May 1865)  
Josef Krohlopp Hauptmann 2.Classe (8th September 1865)  
Albrecht Freiherr von Bardeleben Hauptmann 2.Classe (12th June 1866)  
Franz Liedl Oberlieutenant (7th April 1865)  
Alexander von Papp Oberlieutenant (8th April 1865)  
Anton Pacholik Oberlieutenant (29th May 1865)  
Leopold Marzik Oberlieutenant (8th September 1865)  
Hugo Molnár de Kereszt et Vajka Oberlieutenant (13th October 1865)  
Friedrich Mickl Oberlieutenant (14th October 1865)  
Johann Grimm Oberlieutenant (8th November 1865)  
Adolf Keutner Oberlieutenant (1st May 1866)  
Wilhelm Hofmeister Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (4th April 1865)  
Franz Bachmann Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (21st May 1865)  
Josef Donner Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (10th June 1865)  
Eugen Smrezka Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (24th August 1865)  
Emanuel Lautner Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (31st August 1865)  
Josef Tautz Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (1st September 1865)  
Isidor Luschinsky Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (30th October 1865)  
Friedrich Ploder Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (15th March 1866)  
Hubert Nestler Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (18th March 1866)  

Pionniere - (Engineers)

Name Rank since Date Notes
Wilhelm Ritter von Hillmayer Hauptmann 1.Classe (23rd November 1861)  
Aladar Bideskuty von Ipp Hauptmann 1.Classe (23rd March 1864)  
Ignatz Lorsch Hauptmann 1.Classe (6th June 1864)  
Wilhelm von Stankievics Hauptmann 2.Classe (10th June 1866)  
Anton Lorenz Oberlieutenant (24th July 1864)  
Carl Thyr Oberlieutenant (20th May 1865)  
Josef Weiss Oberlieutenant (7th September 1865)  
Adolf Stöhr Oberlieutenant (17th March 1866)  
Gustav Herle Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (7th April 1865)  
Johann Hannak Unterlieutenant 1.Classe (10th April 1865)  
Constantin Hubert Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (16th June 1865)  
Teobert Maler Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (4th November 1865)  
Friedrich Kron Unterlieutenant 2.Classe (6th November 1865)  

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