Books Wanted

I am looking for the following German language titles detailing various aspects of the Austro-Hungarian army during the period 1914-1918. If anyone knows where I might acquire them or is willing to sell them I would be most grateful if they emailed me! Many thanks.


Any Honvéd Schematismus (1900-1918) and  Landwehr Schematismus 1915, 1916, 1917.


Any copy of  Seidel´s kleines Armee-Schema, Dislocation und Eintheilung des k.u.k. Heeres, der k.u.k. Kriegsmarine, der k.u.k. Landwehr und der königlich ungarischen Landwehr.

A magyar királyi honvédség története. 1868-1918. by Berkó István.



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