List of Full Generals promoted between 1890-1918

The following list provides an overview of all generals who were promoted to Feldzeugmeister (FZM), General der Kavallerie (GdK) or General der Infanterie (GdI) by Kaiser Franz Joseph I. between the 1st of January 1890 and the 31st of December 1916 and by Kaiser Karl I from then onwards. Those who were given honorary or brevet promotions to this rank were further identified in the army lists of the day with the addition of "mit Titel und Charakter", shown as (T&C) after the date of promotion in the following table. If more than one general received the rank on the same day they were further distinguished by a date of seniority which is shown in the following list by a separate date in brackets. The rank of General der Infanterie was only introduced in late1908 and prior to that infantry generals had used the title of Feldzeugmeister. Those generals who were originally titled FZM and who subsequently became Generals of Infantry can be found in the notes column. The last promotion made during Kaiser Franz Joseph's reign was that of FZM Ferdinand Goglia von Zlota Lipa and the first of Kaiser Karl whose sole promotion in 1916 was that of FZM Julius Magyar von Dömsöd. The final promotion to full general was that of Johann Graf von Salis-Seewis -1st November 1918 (11th November).

Name FZM GdK GdI Notes
Albori Eugen Freiherr von 1st November 1897 (25th October)     GdI.
Appel Michael Edler von     1st May 1913 (29th April)  
Arz von Straussenburg Artur     1st September 1915 (23rd August)  
Attems Moritz Graf   28th February 1909 (T&C)    
Auersberg Karl Graf   1st November 1906 (27th October)    
Auffenberg Moritz Ritter von     1st May 1910 (26th April)  
Babić Stephan 24th March 1907 (T&C)     GdI.
Baccarcich von Nagy-Écs Alexander Ritter   13th December 1898 (T&C)    
Bacsák von Benefa Siegmund   2nd November 1913 (T&C)    
Balás Georg 27th April 1913 (T&C)      
Barthelday von Zsarnócza Stephan  - 13th May 1917 (T&C)  - -
Bechtolsheim Anton Freiherr von   1st November 1894 (28th October)    
Beck Edler von Nordenau Otto 1st November 1902 (26th October)      
Bellmond Edler von Adlerhorst Anton - - 1st August 1917 (17th August) -
Benda Adalbert 29th October 1911 (T&C)      
Benda Adalbert 1st March 1915 (13th February)      
Benedek de Felsö-Eör Andreas 30th March 1906 (T&C)     GdI.
Benigni in Müldenberg Siegmund Ritter von 11th September 1915 (T&C)      
Benigni in Müldenberg Siegmund Ritter von 1st November 1915 (1st November)      
Benkeö de Kézdi-Sárfalve Josef   23rd March 1907 (T&C)    
Berzeviczy de Berzevicze et Kakas-Lomnitz Adam   14th January 1910 (T&C)    
Beschi Eduard 26th April 1909 (T&C)      
Bigot de St. Quentin Anatol Graf   20th December 1912 (T&C)    
Bihar de Barabásszeg Franz 8th March 1906 (T&C)     GdI.
Bissingen und Nippenburg Ferdinand Graf 22nd June 1918 (T&C)
Blaschek Josef Ritter von 13th September 1907 (T&C)     GdI.
Blénesi Alexander 1st May 1917 (14th May) - - -
Bockenheimer von Bockenheim Franz Ritter 1st May 1913 (27th April)      
Bogat von Kostanjevac Stephan - - 11th August 1917 (T&C) -
Böhm-Ermolli Eduard von   1st May 1912 (29th April)    
Bolfras von Ahnenburg Arthur 1st November 1898 (31st October)     GdI.
Bolla von Csáford-Jobbaháza Coloman 23rd June 1901 (T&C)      
Boroević von Bojna Svetozar     1st May 1913 (28th April)  
Bothmer Wilhelm Freiherr von   28th April 1901 (T&C)    
Boyneburg-Lengsfeld Moritz Freiherr von   29th October 1911 (T&C)    
Braun Josef   10th November 1916 (T&C)    
Braun Rudolf 1st February 1918 (2nd March) - - -
Braunmüller von Tannbruck Theodor 1st May 1891 (26th April)      
Brudermann Adolf Ritter von - 1st August 1917 (10th August) - -
Brudermann Rudolf Ritter von   1st May 1907 (26th April)    
Bruzek Alfred Edler von     22nd December 1911 (T&C)  
Catinelli Maximilian Ritter von 27th April 1901 (T&C)      
Ceipek Josef Edler von 7th September 1915 (T&C)      
Cerri Karl 21st September 1905 (T&C)     GdI.
Chavanne Rudolf Edler von 1st May 1907 (25th April)     GdI.
Chizzola Karl von 23rd April 1907 (T&C)     GdI.
Colard Hermann von     2nd November 1913 (T&C)  
Colard Hermann von     1st September 1914 (22nd August)  
Colerus von Geldern Emil     1st May 1914 (26th April)  
Conrad von Hötzendorf Franz 1st November 1908 (2nd November)     GdI.
Cronenbold Ferdinand 31st May 1898 (T&C)      
Croy Leopold Prinz   1st November 1891 (26th October)    
Csanády von Békés Friedrich     1st November 1916 (11th November)  
Csicserics von Bacsány Maximilian - - 1st February 1918 (27th February) -
Czeyda Franz - 24th March 1907 (T&C) -  -
Czibulka Hubert Ritter von 1st May 1905 (27th April)  -  - GdI.
Czibulka Klaudius - - 1st August 1917 (11th August) -
Dankl Viktor   1st November 1912 (29th October)    
Daublebsky von Sterneck Moritz Ritter 22nd December 1892 (T&C)      
Daublebsky von Sterneck zu Ehrenstein Karl Freiherr     23rd February 1914 (T&C)  
David Edler von Rhonfeld Emil 1st November 1893 (27th October)     GdI.
Dessovic Wilhelm Edler von 29th October 1905 (T&C)      
Dlauhowesky von Langendorf Karl Freiherr   21st December 1906 (T&C)    
Drahtschmidt von Bruckheim Karl 30th April 1904 (T&C)     GdI.
Durmann von Gyarmata Anton   1st January 1904 (T&C)    
Engel Erich Ritter von   30th June 1904 (T&C)    
Englisch-Popparich Alfred von 18th April 1906 (T&C)     GdI.
Ernst August Herzog von Cumberland, Herzog von Braunschweig und Lüneburg - 21st December 1917 - -
Erzherzog Eugen   27th April 1901    
Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand   26th April 1899    
Erzherzog Franz Salvator   1st November 1911 (29th October)    
Erzherzog Friedrich 28th April 1894     GdI.
Erzherzog Joseph   1st November 1914    
Erzherzog Joseph Ferdinand     1st August 1914  
Erzherzog Karl Franz Josef   1st August 1916    
Erzherzog Leopold Salvator 27th October 1906      
Erzherzog Ludwig Victor 27th April 1899 - -  -
Erzherzog Otto   1st May 1905 (27th April)    
Erzherzog Peter Ferdinand  - - 17th April 1917 -
Esterházy von Galántha Alois Prinz   1st November 1905 (29th October)    
Fabini Ludwig 1st November 1898 (30th October)      
Fabini Ludwig von - - 1st February 1918 (3rd March) -
Fail-Griessler Andreas     6th October 1914 (31st October)  
Fanta Karl 1st November 1910 (25th October)      
Fath Heinrich      21st August 1915 (T&C)  
Fath Heinrich     1st May 1916 (5th May)  
Feigl Eduard Edler von   24th April 1913 (T&C)    
Fejérváry de Komlós-Keresztes Géza Freiherr 1st May 1890 (27th April)     GdI.
Festl Lehel - - 20th November 1917 (T&C) -
Fiala Anton 19th April 1910 (T&C)      
Fiedler Ferdinand 1st November 1899 (28th October)      
Fischer Karl 8th July 1894 (T&C)      
Fischer von Wellenborn Karl   27th December 1893 (T&C)    
Fleck von Falkenhausen Hugo 10th October 1900 (T&C)     GdI.
Forinyák Julius   1st November 1895 (27th October)    
Fox Vinzenz     1st May 1915 (5th May)  
Frank Liborius 1st November 1908 (31st October)     GdI.
Frank Otto 27th April 1913 (T&C)      
Franz Ferdinand Freiherr von 12th August 1908 (T&C)     GdI.
Freund von Arlhausen Josef   23rd April 1907 (T&C)    
Friedel Johann von 24th August 1914 (3rd November)      
Fux Edler von Eschenegg Moritz 6th December 1907 (T&C)     GdI.
Gagern Otto Freiherr von   6th February 1896 (T&C)    
Gaiszler Rudolf Ritter von 20th October 1906 (T&C)     GdI.
Galgótzy Anton 1st May 1895 (28th April)     GdI.
Gangl Eduard von     29th October 1912 (T&C)  
Gaudernak von Kis-Demeter Josef   1st May 1906 (26th April)    
Gelan Karl Freiherr von   30th January 1912 (T&C)    
Geldern-Egmond zu Arcen Gustav Graf von 1st May 1903 (27th April)      
Gemmingen Hermann Freiherr von   31st October 1913 (T&C)    
Georgi Franz von     21st August 1915 (T&C)  
Georgi Friedrich von     29th October 1911 (2nd November)  
Gerba Raimund     1st May 1909 (27th April)  
Gerstenberger von Reichsegg und Gerstberg Friedrich Ritter - 11th August 1917 (T&C) - -
Giesl von Gieslingen Freiherr Artur   1st November 1912 (30th October)    
Giesl von Gieslingen Waldimir Freiherr   15th August 1914 (6th November)    
Glückmann Karl 10th August 1916 (T&C)      
Goglia von Zlota Lipa Ferdinand Ritter 1st November 1916 (14th November)      
Goiginger Heinrich 1st May 1918 (18th May) - - -
Gold Karl Ritter von 10th April 1898 (T&C)     GdI.
Gradl Wilhelm Ritter von   27th October 1897 (T&C)    
Graevenitz Victor Graf   17th April 1896 (T&C)    
Grivicić Johann von     23rd October 1910 (T&C)  
Guseck Edler von Glankirchen Oskar 1st November 1917 (16th November) - - -
Habermann Hugo Edler von 1st November 1917 (18th November) - - -
Hadfy von Livno Emmerich - - 1st August 1917 (14th August) -
Handel-Mazzetti Eduard Freiherr von 26th October 1897 (T&C)      
Hauer Leopold Freiherr von   31st October 1914 (T&C)    
Hauer Leopold Freiherr von   1st March 1915 (14th February)    
Hausenblas Alfred     22nd October 1913 (T&C)  
Hazai Samuel Freiherr von     1st August 1914 (8th November)  
Henriquez Johann Ritter von     1st May 1916 (6th May)  
Herberstein Graf Heinrich   2nd January 1894 (T&C)    
Hess Rudolf     10th November 1916 (T&C)  
Hirsch Wilhelm Edler von 31st May 1899 (T&C)     GdI.
Hoffer Edler von Sulmthal Moritz 3rd April 1909 (T&C)      
Hoffmann von Nagysötétág Hugo 19th April 1912 (T&C)      
Hofmann Peter Freiherr von - - 1st February 1918 (28th February) -
Hold Alexander Ritter von 1st November 1898 (27th October)      
Hordt Theodor von - - 1st August 1917 (15th August) -
Horsetzky Edler von Hornthal Adolf 1st November 1904 (28th October)     GdI.
Horsetzky Edler von Hornthal Ernst - - 1st May 1918 (16th May) -
Horsetzky Edler von Hornthal Karl 1st May 1904 (2nd May)      
Hortstein Franz Edler von     25th November 1911 (T&C)  
Hortstein Lothar Edler von     1st November 1911 (3rd November)  
Hugetz Ernst 19th December 1908 (T&C)      
Hunyady de Kéthely Coloman Graf   1st May 1894 (28th April)    
Huyn Karl Graf   1st May 1914 (23rd April)    
Idiczukh Ernst von 23rd April 1907 (T&C)      
Jahl Gustav Edler von 1st November 1910 (27th October)      
Jekelfalussy von Jekel und Margitfalva Ludwig 1st November 1906 (28th October)     GdI.
Jelentsik von Koronvár Vinzenz 9th May 1896 (T&C)     GdI.
Jihn Edler von Solwegen Friedrich 25th October 1909 (T&C)      
Jonak von Freyenwald Gustav   1st November 1906 (29th October)    
Kaiffel Emerich Ritter von 5th December 1891 (T&C)      
Kaiser Julius - - 1st August 1917 (16th August) -
Kálnoky de Köröspatak Gustav Graf   1st November 1891 (28th October)    
Kalser Edler von Maasfeld Franz - - 1st May 1918 (19th May) -
Kanik Franz - - 1st May 1917 (13th May) -
Kárász von Szigetvár Ernst 13th May 1917 (T&C) - - -
Karg von Bebenburg Johann Freiherr     30th April 1915 (T&C)  
Kerczek Christian Ritter von 2nd April 1901 (T&C)     GdI.
Kirchbach auf Lauterbach Johann Freiherr von     1st March 1915 (16th February)  
Kirchbach auf Lauterbach Karl Freiherr von   1st May 1914 (24th April)    
Kletter Edler von Gromnik Ernst - - 1st May 1918 (12th May) -
Klobucar Viktor 29th October 1911 (T&C)      
Klobucar Wilhelm   1st May 1905 (29th April)    
Klobus Hugo Edler von 1st May 1901 (27th April)      
Kober Guido Freiherr von 11th April 1890 (T&C)     GdI.
Koennen-Horák Edler von Höhenkampf Ludwig     1st November 1916 (12th November)  
Koller Albert von 1st May 1907 (23rd April)     GdI.
Kolossváry de Kolosvár Desiderius   1st November 1912 (31st October)    
Korda Ignaz Edler von   1st September 1915 (21st August)    
Kosak Ferdinand Ing. - - 1st May 1918 (17th May) -
Kovács von Mad Georg 1st November 1895 (28th October)      
Kövess von Kövessháza Hermann     1st November 1911 (1st November)  
Králicek Rudolf - - 1st May 1917 (16th May) -
Krauss Alfred - - GdI 1st August 1917 (12th August) -
Krauss Rudolf - - 1st May 1918 (14th May) -
Krautwald von Annau Josef Ritter - - 1st May 1917 (13th May) -
Kreutz Friedrich 12th June 1890 (T&C)      
Kreysa Eduard Edler von - - 1st August 1918 (12th August) -
Kreysa Eduard von  - - 11th August 1917 (T&C) -
Krieghammer Edmund Edler von   1st November 1891 (27th October)    
Kritek Karl     6th October 1914 (5th November)  
Krobatin Alexander Ritter von 1st November 1910 (26th October)      
Kropatschek Alfred Ritter von 1st May 1902 (26th April)      
Kuk Karl 1st March 1915 (15th February)      
Kummer von Falkenfehd Heinrich Ritter   1st May 1910 (29th April)    
Kusmanek von Burgneustädten Hermann     1st November 1914 (4th November)  
Lamberg Heinrich Graf   27th January 1903 (T&C)    
Lang Karl von     12th November 1909 (T&C)  
Latscher Johann von   26th October 1902 (T&C)    
Latscher Viktor von 21st October 1906 (T&C)     GdI.
Latscher von Lauendorf Julius 1st November 1905 (30th October)      
Lederer Karl Freiherr von   25th October 1897 (T&C)    
Lehmann Georg Edler von   1st November 1916 (10th November)    
Lehne von Lehnsheim Gustav Freiherr 10th October 1897 (T&C)      
Leithner Ernst Freiherr von 1st November 1911 (4th November)      
Leveling Karl 12th April 1906 (T&C)     GdI.
Liechtenstein Rudolf Fürst von und zu   1st May 1904 (1st May)    
Liposcak Anton - - 1st August 1917 (19th August) -
Ljubicic Stephan 6th October 1914 (1st November)      
Lobkowitz Rudolf Prinz von 1st November 1894 (29th October)      
Löhneysen Hilbert Freiherr von   6th February 1895 (T&C)    
Lónyay de Nagy-Lónya et Vásáros-Námény Albert Graf   29th October 1911 (T&C)    
Lónyay de Nagy-Lónya et Vásáros-Námény Albert Graf   20th May 1914 (1st November 1911)    
Lovetto Karl 6th October 1905 (T&C)     GdI.
Lukas Karl von - - 1st May 1917 (15th May) -
Lütgendorf Kasimir Freiherr von  - - 1st August 1917 (18th August) -
Madlé von Lenzbrugg Ottomar - - 11th August 1917 (T&C) -
Magyar von Dömsöd Julius 2nd December 1916 (T&C)      
Marenzi von Tagliuno und Talgate Markgraf von Val Oliola Freiherr von Marenzfeldt und Scheneck Franz Graf     1st August 1914 (2nd November)  
Marterer Ferdinand Ritter von - - 1st August 1917 (20th August) -
Martiny Hugo     1st November 1915 (3rd November)  
Matt Alfred Edler von 1st November 1907 (26th October)     GdI.
Matuschka Ludwig     31st October 1914 (T&C)  
Meister Johann 5th May 1916 (T&C)      
Meixner von Zweienstamm Hugo     1st November 1913 (2nd November)  
Meixner von Zweienstamm Otto     1st May 1913 (1st May)  
Merkel Ludwig 25th December 1911 (T&C)      
Merkl Rudolf Freiherr von 1st May 1893 (26th April)      
Merta Emanuel 1st May 1898 (19th April)      
Mertens Karl Freiherr von   1st May 1904 (30th April)    
Milde von Helfenstein Hugo 7th May 1897 (T&C)     GdI.
Minarelli-Fitzgerald Alexander Chevalier     20th November 1911 (T&C)  
Morawetz von Klienfeld Otto 26th April 1902 (T&C)     GdI.
Mörk von Mörkenstein Johann 1st May 1907 (27th April)     GdI.
Nachodsky von Neudorf Stephan Ritter   28th June 1914    
Nastopil Karl von - - 20th November 1917 (T&C) -
Navarini Octavius von 1st July 1900 (T&C)      
Nikic Johann - - 12th December 1917 (T&C) -
Njegovan Viktor von - - 11th August 1917 (T&C) -
Nostiz-Rieneck Hermann Graf   25th April 1892 (T&C)    
Novak Friedrich - - 11th August 1917 (T&C) -
Orsini und Rosenberg Maximilian Graf   29th October 1911 (T&C)    
Paar Alois Graf   1st May 1903 (28th April)    
Paar Eduard Graf   1st November 1891 (29th October)    
Pálffy ab Erdöd Andreas Graf   1st November 1894 (27th October)    
Parmann Oskar 1st November 1904 (29th October)     GdI.
Pavek Ludwig 20th April 1904 (T&C)      
Perl Moritz 14th July 1907 (T&C)     GdI.
Pfiffer Karl Ritter von     26th November 1908 (T&C)  
Pflanzer-Baltin Karl Freiherr von   29th October 1912 (T&C)    
Pflanzer-Baltin Karl Freiherr von   1st November 1914 (21st August)    
Pino von Friedenthal Artur Ritter 1st November 1905 (2nd November)     GdI.
Pitreich Anton Ritter von 20th April 1898 (T&C)      
Pitreich Heinrich Ritter von 1st May 1904 (30th April)     GdI.
Plank von Uzsok Eduard 4th October 1918 (T&C) - - -
Plentzner von Scharneck Gustav Ritter 28th April 1903 (T&C)     GdI.
Pohl Otto Ritter von 16th April 1899 (T&C)     GdI.
Pókay Johann 26th November 1896 (T&C)     GdI.
Pokorny Hermann Edler von   1st May 1901 (28th April)    
Popp Leonidas Freiherr von 30th November 1898 (T&C)      
Potiorek Oskar 1st November 1908 (30th October)      
Pott Emil von     26th November 1908 (T&C)  
Probszt Edler von Ohstorff Emil 1st November 1898 (28th October)     GdI.
Pucherna Eduard 1st May 1905 (28th April)     GdI.
Puhallo von Brlog Paul 1st November 1913 (3rd November)      
Radanowicz-Harttmann Heinrich     8th February 1910 (T&C)  
Ramberg Victor Freiherr von   3rd September 1894 (T&C)    
Reicher Josef 1st May 1894 (29th April)     GdI.
Rhemen zu Barenfeld Adolf Freiherr von     1st May 1914 (25th April)  
Rohm von Hermannstädten Alfred Ritter 31st October 1914 (T&C)      
Rohm von Hermannstädten Alfred Ritter 1st May 1915 (2nd May)      
Rohonczy von Felsöpulya Georg   14th March 1903 (T&C)    
Rohr Franz   29th October 1911 (T&C)    
Rohr Franz   1st May 1913 (1st November 1911)    
Rollinger von Rollegg Leopold 10th November 1916 (T&C)  -  -
Rollinger von Rollegg Leopold 1st February 1918 (4th March) - - -
Roth Josef     1st September 1915 (22nd August)  
Rummer von Rummershof Adolf     1st May 1909 (26th April)  
Rupprecht von Virtsolog Heinrich   1st November 1911 (30th October)    
Sachse von Rothenberg Friedrich   31st October 1914 (T&C)    
Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha Philipp Prinz von   23rd December 1913 (T&C)    
Salis-Seewis Johann Graf von 1st November 1918 (11th November) - - -
Samonigg Johann Ritter von 14th April 1898 (T&C)      
Sarkotic Stephan von     23rd December 1914 (3rd May)  
Schariczer von Rény Georg Freiherr - - 1st May 1918 (15th May) -
Schaumburg-Lippe Wilhelm Prinz zu   10th June 1901    
Schemua Blasius     1st November 1913 (4th November)  
Schemua Edler von Johann     1st November 1909 (25th October)  
Schenk Alfred Edler von - - 1st February 1918 (26th February) -
Scheuchenstuel Viktor von 1st May 1915 (7th May)      
Scheure Eugen von - - 11th August 1917 (T&C) -
Schikofsky Karl     1st May 1910 (28th April)  
Schilhawsky von Bahnbrück Josef Ritter 2nd February 1900 (T&C)      
Schleyer Edler von Pontemalghera Leopold 1st May 1915 (3rd May)      
Schmedes Ernst von 10th June 1903 (T&C)     GdI.
Schmidt Moritz 1st November 1899 (27th October)      
Schmidt von Georgenegg Albert      1st May 1916 (7th May)  
Schoedler Franz     1st May 1910 (25th April)  
Scholz Edler von Benneberg Franz 10th August 1916 (T&C)      
Schönaich Franz 1st May 1904 (3rd May)     GdI.
Schönburg-Hartenstein Alois Fürst   26th July 1916 (1st August)    
Schreiber Viktor 1st May 1910 (27th April)      
Schreitter von Schwarzenfeld Franz Ritter - - 10th December 1917 (T&C) -
Schreyer Richard     21st August 1915 (T&C)  
Schulenburg Hans Graf von der 1st May 1898 (20th April)      
Schultheiß von Devecser Emil - - 20th November 1917 (T&C) -
Schwerdtner von Schwertburg Simon Ritter     21st August 1915 (T&C)  
Schwitzer von Bayersheim Ludwig Ritter 1st November 1899 (26th October)     GdI.
Scotti Karl - - 1st November 1917 (19th November) -
Seefranz Anton 1st November 1911 (31st October)      
Seibt Gottfried     27th April 1914 (T&C)  
Siebert Josef von   19th March 1905 (T&C)    
Smekal Gustav 1st February 1918 (25th February) - - -
Snjarić Lukas - - 1st May 1918 (10th May) -
Sommer Josef 22nd July 1907 (T&C)     GdI.
Sorsich von Severin Béla - - 1st May 1918 (11th May) -
Sprecher von Bernegg Artur     1st November 1910 (31st October)  
Steeb Christian Ritter von 29th October 1905 (T&C)      
Steininger Karl Freiherr von 1st November 1905 (1st November)     GdI.
Steinitz Eduard Ritter von 18th April 1905 (T&C)     GdI.
Steinitzer Franz 24th November 1905 (T&C)      
Steinsberg Moritz von 1st May 1907 (24th April)     GdI.
Stöger-Steiner Edler von Steinstätten Rudolf     1st November 1915 (4th November)  
Stürgkh Josef Graf - - 11th August 1917 (T&C) -
Succovaty von Vezza Eduard Ritter 1st November 1898 (29th October)     GdI.
Surányi von Nagysurány Franz Freiherr   15th November 1909 (T&C)    
Sztankovics Karl Freiherr von 13th March 1898 (T&C)      
Szurmay Alexander - - 1st August 1917 (21st August) -
Szveteney de Nagy-Ohay Anton Freiherr   1st November 1890 (27th October)    
Tamásy von Fogaras Árpád 1st March 1918 (13th August 1917) - - -
Terkulja Johann 29th October 1911 (T&C)      
Tersztyánszky von Nádas Karl   1st May 1913 (30th April)    
Teuffenbach zu Tiefenbach und Masswegg Albin Freiherr von 12th August 1897 (T&C)     GdI.
Ther Peter Edler von   12th April 1901 (T&C)    
Thoemmel Gustav Freiherr von 18th November 1895 (T&C)      
Tisljar von Lentulis Michael     27th April 1913 (T&C)  
Troll Kamillo 10th October 1907 (T&C)     GdI.
Trollmann Ignaz     1st November 1916 (13th November)  
Tschurtschenthaler von Helmheim Heinrich     1st May 1915 (4th May)  
Üxküll-Gyllenband Alexander Graf   1st May 1895 (27th April)    
Varešanin von Vareš Marian 1st November 1905 (31st October)     GdI.
Verdross Edler von Drossberg Ignaz - - 1st May 1918 (20th May) -
Versbach von Hadamar Mansuet Ritter 1st November 1908 (1st November)     GdI.
Waitzendorfer Karl - - 1st March 1918 (18th June 1918) -
Waldstätten Georg Freiherr von 31st January 1896 (T&C)     GdI.
Weber Edler von Webenau Viktor - - 1st November 1917 (17th November) -
Weigl Josef Freiherr von 1st November 1910 (28th October)      
Welsersheimb Zeno Graf 1st May 1890 (26th April)     GdI.
Wersebe Gustav Freiherr von   1st April 1898 (T&C)    
Wetzer Leander von 13th November 1901 (T&C)      
Wieber Adrianus - - 3rd January 1918 (T&C) -
Wikullil Franz 27th April 1913 (T&C)      
Wilhelm II König von Württemberg - 1st July 1917 - -
Wimpffen Franz Freiherr von 19th April 1898 (T&C)     GdI.
Windisch-Graetz Josef Prinz zu   1st November 1890 (26th October)    
Winzor Anton Edler von   1st November 1908 (29th October)    
Wittmann Oskar von   31st October 1914 (T&C)    
Woinovich von Belobreska Emil     26th November 1908 (T&C)  
Wrede Nikolaus Fürst   24th June 1896 (T&C)    
Wurm Wenzel 1st August 1914 (7th November)      
Wurmbrand-Stuppach Hugo Graf   12th January 1903 (T&C)    
Württemberg Nikolaus Herzog von 28th October 1900 (T&C)      
Zednik Edler von Zeldegg Oskar     10th May 1914 (T&C)  
Zednik von Zeldegg Viktor 10th August 1916 (T&C)      
Ziegler Alfred Ritter von     1st November 1910 (29th October)  
Ziegler Emil Ritter von   1st May 1915 (6th May)    

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