Common Army Cavalry Regiments as at July 1914

The following table shows the nationality by percent of the individual cavalry regiments of the common army as at July 1914. The figures were originally published in a supplementary volume by Oberst a.D. Maximilian Ehnl to the official Austro-Hungarian general staff work - Österreich-Ungarns letzter Krieg". The figures quoted relate to non commissioned officers and private soldiers and are those given for the native or colloquial language usage but not necessarily the command language of the regiment.


Regiment Corps District Nationality
Dragonerregiment 1 - 15
Dragonerregiment Kaiser Franz Nr.1 IX 48% Czech, 46% German, 6% various
Dragonerregiment Graf Paar Nr.2 VIII 61% Czech, 26% German, 13% various
Dragonerregiment Friedrich August König von Sachsen Nr.3 II 97% German, 3% various
Dragonerregiment Kaiser Ferdinand Nr.4 XIV 99% German, 1% various
Dragonerregiment Nikolaus I. Kaiser von Rußland Nr.5 III 51% Slovene, 44% German, 5% various
Dragonerregiment Friedrich Franz IV. Großherzog von Mecklenburg-Schwerin Nr.6 II 61% Czech, 38% German, 1% various
Dragonerregiment Herzog von Lothringen Nr.7 VIII 50% German, 50% Czech
Dragonerregiment Graf Montecuccoli Nr.8 IX 58% Czech, 42% various
Dragonerregiment Erzherzog Albrecht Nr.9 XI 50% Rumanian, 29% Ruthene, 21% various
Dragonerregiment Fürst von Liechtenstein Nr.10 VIII 62% Czech, 29% German, 9% various
Dragonerregiment Kaiser Nr.11 II 90% Czech, 10% various
Dragonerregiment Nikolaus Nikolajewitsch Großfürst von Rußland Nr.12 I 50% Czech, 40% German, 10% various
Dragonerregiment Eugen Prinz von Savoyen Nr.13 IX 51% Czech, 48% German, 1% various
Dragonerregiment Fürst zu Windisch-Graetz Nr.14 VIII 59% Czech, 29% German, 12% various
Dragonerregiment Erzherzog Joseph Nr.15 II 85% Czech, 15% various
Husarenregimenter 1 - 16 
Husarenregiment Kaiser Nr.1 VII 85% Magyar, 15% various
Husarenregiment Friedrich Leopold Prinz von Preußen Nr.2 XII 89% Magyar, 11% various
Husarenregiment Graf von Hadik Nr.3 VII 68% Magyar, 32% various
Husarenregiment Artur Herzog von Connaught und Strathearn Nr.4 VII 71% Magyar, 29% various
Husarenregiment Graf Radetzky Nr.5 V 90% Magyar, 10% various
Husarenregiment Wilhelm II. König von Württemberg Nr.6 VI 90% Magyar, 10% various
Husarenregiment Wilhelm II. Deutscher Kaiser und König von Preußen Nr.7 IV 98% Magyar, 2% various
Husarenregiment von Tersztyánszky Nr.8 IV 74% Magyar, 26% various
Husarenregiment Graf Nádasdy Nr.9 V 81% Magyar, 19% various
Husarenregiment Friedrich Wilhelm III. König von Preußen Nr.10 IV 97% Magyar, 3% various
Husarenregiment Ferdinand I. König der Bulgaren Nr.11 V 96% Magyar, 4% various
Husarenregiment Nr.12 VI 96% Magyar, 4% various
Jazygier und Kumanier Husarenregiment Wilhelm Kronprinz des Deutschen Reiches und Kronprinz von Preußen Nr.13 IV 97% Magyar, 3% various
Husarenregiment von Kolossváry Nr.14 VI 92% Magyar, 8% various
Husarenregiment Erzherzog Franz Salvator Nr.15 VI 91% Magyar, 9% various
Husarenregiment Graf Üxküll-Gyllenband Nr.16 VII 94% Magyar, 6% various
Ulanenregimenter 1 - 8 and 11 - 13 
Ulanenregiment Ritter von Brudermann Nr.1 I 85% Polish, 15% various
Ulanenregiment Fürst zu Schwarzenberg Nr.2 I 84% Polish, 14% various
Ulanenregiment Erzherzog Carl Nr.3 X 69% Polish, 26% Ruthene, 5% various
Ulanenregiment Kaiser Nr.4 XI 65% Ruthene, 29% Polish, 6% various
Ulanenregiment Nikolaus II. Kaiser von Rußland Nr.5 XIII 97% Croatian, Serbian, Serbo-Croat, 3% various
Ulanenregiment Ritter von Brudermann Nr.6 X 52% Polish, 40% Ruthene, 8% various
Ulanenregiment Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand Nr.7 XI 72% Ruthene, 22% Polish, 6% various
Ulanenregiment Graf Auersperg Nr.8 XI 80% Polish, 20% various
Ulanenregiment Alexander II. Kaiser von Rußland Nr.11 IX, X 65% Czech, 35% German
Ulanenregiment Ritter von Brudermann Nr.12 XIII 81% Croatian, Serbian, Serbo-Croat, 19% various
Ulanenregiment von Böhm-Ermolli Nr.13 XI 55% Ruthene, 42% Polish, 3% various



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