Austro-Hungarian Armed Forces 1914

Major Common Army Units Prior to Mobilisation in February 1914


 August 1914

Infantry 1914
Common Army Infantry Regiments    Number 1 to 102 

Jäger and Bosnian-Hercegovinian Infantry and Jäger 1914

Cavalry Regiments 1914
Dragoon Regiments Nr. 1 to 15.
Hussar Regiments Nr. 1 to 16.
Lancer Regiments Nr. 1 to 8, 11 to 13.

Field and Mountain Artillery 1914

Field Artillery Regiments 

Field Howitzer Regiments 

Mounted Artillery Detachments

Heavy Artillery Detachments

Mountain Artillery Regiments

Fortress Artillery 1914

Fortress Artillery Regiments

Fortress Artillery Battalions
Engineers 1914
Sapper Battalions Nr. 1 to 14.
Pioneer Battalions Nr. 2 to 10

Bridging Battalion

Railway Regiment

Telegraph Regiment

Train Troops 1914

Train Battalions Nr. 1 to 16


Overview of A-H Forces - August 1914

Common Army Infantry Deployment in August 1914

Order of Battle - Galicia August 1914





Armeegruppe Kummer

Order of Battle - Serbia August 1914




Austrian Landwehr Infantry 1914  
Austrian Landwehr Cavalry 1914 

Austrian Landwehr Higher Formations 1914

Austrian Landwehr General Officers 1914

Austrian Landwehr Regimental Commanders 1914
Hungarian Landwehr Infantry 1914
Hungarian Landwehr Cavalry 1914

Hungarian Landwehr Artillery 1914

Hungarian Landwehr Higher Formations 1914

Hungarian Landwehr General Officers

Hungarian Landwehr Regimental Commanders 1914

Peacetime Army Corps Orders of Battle 1914

Division and Brigade Locations 1914

Corps, Division and Brigade Commanders 1914

Regimental Commanders 1914


Infantry Organisation

Field Artillery Organisation


Common Army Infantry & Jäger Ethnicity

Common Army Cavalry Ethnicity

Austrian & Hungarian Landwehr Infantry Ethnicity

Austrian & Hungarian Landwehr Cavalry Ethnicity

Common Army, Austrian & Hungarian Landwehr Field Artillery Ethnicity


Common Army Fortress Artillery Ethnicity 

Common Army Engineer Branch Ethnicity 

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