Austro-Hungarian Army Orders of Battle 1848-1918

On this page will be found various orders of battle at various stages throughout the history of the Austro-Hungarian army from around 1848 to 1918. Additional information on the Bundesheer of the First Republic can be found on the page dedicated to that subject. For detailed listings of commanders see also the troops and unit history page.

Austrian Army in Italy March 1848 K.K. General Command in Sarajevo - 1 Nov 1881.
Austrian Army in Italy July 1848 K.K. Military Command in Zara - 1 Nov 1881
Regimental Commanders 1859 K.u.k. Land Forces Crete 1897/1898
Graf Huyn's Troop Brigade May 1859 K.k. Regimental Commanders 1898
Federal Intervention Corps 1864 K.u.k. Regimental Commanders 1908
Regimental Commanders 1865 Austro-Hungarian Armed Forces 1914
North Army 1866 Order of Battle Galicia 1914
South Army 1866 Order of Battle Serbia 1914
Infantry Regiment Peacetime Locations and Recruiting Districts 1866 Order of Battle Italy - May 1915
Saxon Army Corps 1866 Alpenkorps
Federal Fortress of Mainz 1866 Divisional Orders of Battle 1st July 1918
K.u.k. Regimental Commanders 1879 A-H Forces Deployed in the Ottoman Empire in WW1

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