Landwehr Cavalry Regiments as at July 1914

The following table shows the nationality by percent of the individual cavalry regiments of the Austrian and Hungarian Landwehr as at July 1914. The figures were originally published in a supplementary volume by Oberst a.D. Maximilian Ehnl to the official Austro-Hungarian general staff work - Österreich-Ungarns letzter Krieg". The figures quoted relate to non commissioned officers and private soldiers and are those given for the native or colloquial language usage but not necessarily the command language of the regiment.





Recruiting District Nationality
1.Landwehrulanenregiment Lemberg Ruthene 65%, Polish 30%, various 5%
2.Landwehrulanenregiment Leitmeritz Czech 58%, various 42%
3.Landwehrulanenregiment Prezemyśl Polish 69%, Ruthene 26%, various 5%
4.Landwehrulanenregiment Craców Polish 85%, various 15%
5.Landwehrulanenregiment Vienna German 97%, various 3%
6.Landwehrulanenregiment Prague German 60%, Czech 39%,various 1%
Reitende Tiroler Landesschützendivision Innsbruck German 58%, Italian 38%, various 4%
Reitende Dalmatiner Landesschützendivision Ragusa Croatian, Serbian, Serbo-Croat 82%, various 18%



Regiment Honvéd District Nationality
Budapester Landwehrhusarenregiment Nr.1 I Magyar 91%, various 9%
Debreczener Landwehrhusarenregiment Nr.2 II Magyar 92%, various 7%
Szegeder Landwehrhusarenregiment Nr.3 II Magyar 79%, various 21%
Szabadkaer Landwehrhusarenregiment Nr.4 I Magyar 76%, Croatian, Serbian, Serbo-Croat 20%, various 4%
Kassaer Landwehrhusarenregiment Nr.5 III Magyar 91%, various 9%
Zalaegerszeger Landwehrhusarenregiment Nr.6 IV Magyar 55%, German 34%, various 11%
Pápaer Landwehrhusarenregiment Nr.7 IV German 54%, Magyar 39%, various 7%
Pécser Landwehrhusarenregiment Nr.8 I Magyar 52%, German 38%, various 10%
Maros-Vásárhelyer Landwehrhusarenregiment Nr.9 V Magyar 49%, Rumanian 46%, various 5%
Varazdiner Landwehrhusarenregiment Nr.10 VI Croatian, Serbian, Serbo-Croat 82%, various 97%, various 3%


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